“I left the dungeon out of shame”

The follower dungeons in World of Warcraft are well received and provide calm experiences. But not if you consider real players to be NPCs…

With patch 10.2.5, World of Warcraft brought a new feature that is primarily intended to help solo players. The “Follower Dungeons” allow you to go alone with NPCs to master an instance. This is good if you want to experience the story in peace or just want to try out a new role.

However, it’s tricky when you think you’re in such an NPC dungeon and suddenly real players are mocked – that’s exactly what happened to a player who embarrassingly admitted this in the WoW subreddit.

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What did the player do? The player _RIZZO_ wanted to try his hand at tanking and therefore signed up for a follower dungeon – so he could fill the role of a tank in a relaxed manner, without the pressure of being dependent on other players or of being able to disappoint them. After the successful dungeon, he immediately logged in again – but this time for a normal “random dungeon”. Unfortunately, he probably didn’t fully realize that, as he says in the WoW subreddit:

The failed readiness check should have been my first indication that I wasn’t in the right place. The responses to my taunts should have been my second red flag. I just wanted to see if Blizzard had programmed anything regarding interactions. I was quite surprised when my group members reacted to this. No wonder that the next time I logged in I saw the social contract again.

If you’ve encountered a particularly spiteful paladin, I’m so damn sorry, lol. I thought I was shouting and being annoying to NPCs. I left the Algathar Dungeon Academy out of pure shame. Please accept my apology.

He then shared other experiences from the visit in the comments:

Someone was thrown off the platform by the wind and wrote “Are you kidding me?” in the chat. And I thought to myself: “Wow, what an authentic dungeon experience, I love this!”
God, I think I even made /laugh at him. It was really immersive.

This is how the community reacts: At least in the Reddit post, people are having a lot of fun with this story and are happy that it’s been shared with the world. Some of the comments on this are:

  • “This is so funny. I hope you told them you thought it was a follower dungeon before you left. If I had been in the group it would definitely have saved my evening.” – Abalone_Prior
  • “You wouldn’t be the first and you definitely won’t be the last tank to treat your group like the others are just NPCs, lol.” – SPCNars14
  • Basically, these dungeons also receive a lot of praise, because for some the NPCs “feel like real players,” as Mace_tothe_Face writes:

    I’ve done some follower dungeons as a Windrunner Monk and let me tell you, this mode is just too realistic.

    As an example, there is this Pala tank who always sits in a wheelchair 50 meters behind the group.
    Then there is the Beast Mastery Hunter, whose pets pull permanently after the rest of the group has already managed to avoid these mobs.
    Then when I die because I didn’t heal enough, all the NPCs leave the group.
    The mage uses time warp when the bosses are at 60% health, by which time you’ve usually already used all major cooldowns.

    I have laughed a lot. Well done Blizzard, this feels like I’m with real players.

    What is your experience with the follower dungeons? Do you like them or have you already made such a bad mistake?