“I haven’t done it yet”

Stina Nilsson’s season was a big flop.
Now she reveals a big change for next winter.
– I myself think that I have not turned over all the stones yet, says Nilsson to Expressen.

When Stina Nilsson took the leap from cross-country skiing to biathlon, the expectations and hopes for her were high. Many thought that she would easily get away from her new rivals, and that she should also quickly learn to have enough hits on the shooting range.

“Don’t want to be shocked”

But now Nilsson has just finished his fourth season as a biathlete, and it has been another flop-like winter. Nilsson had a hitting percentage of just 65 percent, which is her worst so far in her career. Her best came in 24th place in the World Cup, but during most of the winter she has been poked, and instead had to compete in the IBU Cup, where the best was two third places.

Stina Nilsson had a nightmare start to the season, when she was affected by corona, but otherwise she is most dissatisfied with how it looked on the dike, and the uncertainty she felt every time she got there.

– I don’t want it. I want to feel that I know what to expect, what it will look like when I check the diopter. How much will it move? I want to find that way so it’s always what I expect and I won’t be shocked by how it looks. I feel that myself that I want to work towards in the future, says Nilsson to Expressen.

Revealing the great change

But now Nilsson is making a major new investment to get better. And she means that she will change… almost everything.

– I will try to change as much as I can. I will want to get a fresh start, change stocks, change systems just to start on a completely new ball, she says.

240301 Stina Nilsson of Sweden at zeroing ahead of women’s 15 km individual during the IBU World Cup on March 1, 2024 in Oslo. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0880

And Stina Nilsson has no doubts that she can turn this around, and once again fight against the world’s best.

– I still believe that my potential is there and that when it’s right, it can be very good. And I myself think that I haven’t turned over all the stones yet to see what’s behind it, so I’m determined that I’ll give the iron for next season.

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