“I had open heart surgery 4 years ago”: this famous C8 presenter reveals a serious heart problem

I had open heart surgery 4 years ago this famous

“Don’t wait until you have a symptom, I didn’t have any even though my heart was failing” reveals Sandrine Arcizet, one of the key presenters of C8, on her Linkedin account.

On October 30, 2023, the television host Sandrine Arcizet (46 years old) posted a message on his profile Linkedin in which she reveals having been open heart surgery of a heart failure and D’an aortic aneurysm, 4 years ago, October 29, 2019.”It was congenital therefore from birth and I did not know“, she specifies. This testimony is an opportunity to raise awareness in her community about monitoring and screening for cardiovascular diseases which are the leading cause of death among women in France and the leading cause of death in the world. In France, more than 1.5 million people have heart failure and 70,000 people die from it, especially over 60sbut younger adults can also be affected. Cardiac ultrasound is the best test to make an early diagnosis. “I wanted to share this message with you because no one is safe from a heart problem. Being examined by a cardiologist is the only way to know and avoid the worst […] Don’t wait until you have a symptom, I didn’t have any while my heart was failing“. An acronym helps you remember the symptoms of heart failure. It is EPOF For Shortness of breath (which can get worse even at rest), Weight gain (rapid and unusual of the order of 1 kg per day)Edema (swelling of the veins of the neck, legs)Fatigue (even for small efforts).

Sandrine Arcizet is one of the key faces of C8. She notably hosts The Animals of the 8 since 2005, Animals for adoption since 2018 and 100 days with animals. She is also a columnist on the show William à midi and hosts the fitness show Gym Direct since 2005.