‘I broke a heart! ‘I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings’ The governor of that country decided to resign after his mistake

I broke a heart Im sorry if I hurt your

Shizuoka Governor Kawakatsu is being criticized for causing insults and discrimination in his speech to new recruits at the provincial governorship.

“The governor’s office is, in other words, a think tank. It’s different from selling vegetables or tending to cows every day. Basically, everyone is extremely smart people,” Kawakatsu said. he said.

The State Governor’s Office reported that they received nearly 1,800 complaints via phone and e-mail due to Kawakatsu’s statements.

Kawakatsu, who was criticized for professional discrimination in the national press for the statements he used, defended that he did not insult anyone at the press conference he held.


Kawakatsu, who did not take back his statements but apologized to the public, said, “I was heartbroken by my inappropriate words. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. All professions are equally valuable and all are necessary.” said.

Governor Kawakatsu noted that he decided to resign from his post and stated that the blunder he caused was a factor in his decision.

Referring to the intercity railway project, which he is publicly opposed to, Kawakatsu said, “The Maglev (train) issue is also a turning point. I have achieved a great goal in my duty.” said.


Kawakatsu takes an opposition stance against the “Linear Chuo Shinkansen” Maglev Train Line Project, which is planned to be built between the capital Tokyo and the southern city of Osaka.

It is known that Kawakatsu delayed the construction of the project, which belongs to the “Central Japan Railway” company, whose Shinagawa-Nagoya section will pass through Shizuoka province, for environmental reasons.

The Japanese railway company announced last week that it had postponed the completion of the project from the previously announced year of 2027 to 2034 or later.

Kawakatsu’s official term, who has been Shizuoka Governor for 4 terms since he was first elected in 2009, ended in July 2025. (AA)This content was published by Hande Dağ

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