Hyundai Mobis showcased a future for vehicles [Video]

Hyundai Mobis showcased a future for vehicles Video

Hyundai Mobis He demonstrated a future for vehicles. The front of car models will become much more dynamic in the future. future.

Hyundai Mobis The video below, shared by , revealed what is planned behind closed doors for the new generation vehicles. In the new era A brand that wants to make the front of vehicles dynamic with moving partsIn this way, it aims to produce more aerodynamic vehicles, which also means higher range for electric vehicles. Necessary for autonomous driving in the new era The company aims to hide its LiDAR system in the bumperActively directs the air flow with moving grill parts (Similar ones are already used, albeit at a basic level, depending on cooling needs.) also aims. Depending on air/cooling requirement The brand that wants to equip the hood with active parts that can be opened and closedIt aims to change the air resistance of the tires while driving with its side-expanding bumper parts. Mobis also works on protecting charging ports with motorized covers.basically wants to bring back the grilles that have been eliminated in electric cars because they reduce efficiency and replace the entire front part with It aims to design in a way that can adapt to changing conditions.. The video shared on this subject is right below:

Hyundai Mobis made a show of its presence at CES 2024 with e-Corner. For those who missed it e-Corner technology has been on the agenda for a long time. The system has been shown in the video at the bottom of the page in the past months. ionic 5 was featured on it. Later, a new video was released, which you can watch below. In the new video, where the specially modified Ioniq 5 is at the center, the system is tested in real road conditions. was showing. As you can see, the impressive e-Corner technology, which was physically exhibited on the basis of the Mobion concept within the scope of CES 2024 and shared new videos that you can watch below, is really It brings great parking convenience.

In order to go over this technology, it is based on placing an electric motor in each tire and can adapt to different types of electric vehicles. Thanks to the established infrastructure All four wheels on the prototype Ioniq 5 can rotate 90 degreesIn this way, an incredibly high mobility could be achieved. A vehicle with this infrastructure can turn 360 degrees in place or travel completely sideways. The company calls this crab driving mode and also states that the infrastructure allows cross-roading.

These opportunities, which we also see in some other high-end electric car models, Hyundai Mobis Thanks to this, it creates the impression that it will be brought to vehicles for everyone. It seems very useful especially for big cities where traffic density is very high. e-Corner infrastructure looks interesting “pivot rotation” with its infrastructure It also offers movement by simply turning the rear tires 90 degrees. It is still unknown when the technology will enter mass-produced vehicles, but it is also known that Mobis will exhibit a transparent automobile display at CES 2024.