Hyundai and Kia sued over car thefts in the US

Hyundai and Kia sued over car thefts in the US

TikTok Many things can be learned from it. As it turns out, these include the theft of some Hyundai and Kia vehicles. taking.

The most popular platform of the last period TikTok on many “challenge” is being done. The company has had bad results from time to time. online challenges for this explanation: “Usually people can take videos of themselves doing something difficult and see others as well. includes sharing these videos online to encourage them to repeat this movement. Most of these challenges are fun and safe, but some encourage harmful behavior, including the risk of serious injury. Our Community Guidelinesprohibits dangerous challenges.”

At the center of one of these challenges Hyundai and Kia vehicles were included. Behind this viral event in the USA, it was produced between 2011 and 2022. Hyundai and produced between 2015-2021 Kia vehicles were included. Malicious people discovered that they could steal these tools with a USB cable and screwdriver. What makes this possible is the aforementioned vehicles. immobilizer system not used it happened to be.

as it is said vehicle start of immobilizer cars (ignition) an electronic circuit inserted into the system. A part of this electronic circuit is in the ignition switch that starts the car, and the engine will not start until this part is completed. For this reason, cars with immobilizers, “straight contact” cannot be made and they are much more difficult to steal. If not, as we said above. It is the target of even TikTok’ers.

Because of this challenge in the USA, many Hyundai and Kia It is reported that the vehicle was stolen, many vehicles were left in random places after being used for a while and damaged. Faced with this challenge, the vehicle and end state of a Kia driver is immediately It can be seen in the post below or here.



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Here in the USA because of this problem and what happened. Hyundai and Kia firms were sued en masse by angry car owners. It is stated that the drivers / vehicle owners have suffered serious financial losses due to the damages resulting from this challenge and they are requested to be compensated. It is among the incoming information that there are even people who lost their jobs due to the challenge and whose vehicle became unusable because of this.

Both giant manufacturers state that the immobilizer system has been standard in their vehicles since November 1, 2021. According to the information received, the company is currently in the country in order to protect vehicles without immobilizer from this attack. sells security kits and has some other security measures against theft.