Hurrikaani-Loimaa rose from a losing position to victory in the first fly final – the middle players shone and scored points | Sport

Hurrikaani Loimaa rose from a losing position to victory in the

The men’s volleyball Championship League finals started in Loimaa. The home team Hurrikaani eventually defeated Akaa-Volley in the set 3–1, even though the team lost the opening set.

The central players played a decisive role in Loimaa, when Hurrikaani-Loimaa started the final matches of the volleyball Championship League on Tuesday by defeating Akaa-Volley 3–1 (21–25, 25–17, 25–23, 25–19) in their home hall.

The Canadian who jumps the highest of the league players, i.e. 380 centimetres Daena’s Gyimah collected as many as 19 points. He scored 11 points out of 16 passes with no errors. In addition, he took no fewer than seven of the team’s 14 save points.

Another midfielder Miika Haapaniemi supported Gyimah well with 12 points. His attack percentage was even better than Gyimah’s, when 11 passes turned into nine points. So the percentage was no less than 82.

– It’s nice when passports come. Especially good passes, Haapaniemi told Ruudu.

Hurricane coach Olli Kuoksa still emphasized that the victory was based on a good defensive game against Akaa’s wing attack.

– The central players’ hard points and good percentages are largely due to the fact that, in addition to the usual central attack, we decided on a lot of follow-up balls from the middle. We attack from where the ball dies. We will change tactics during the match as needed, Kuoksa said.

Savo Volley took the bronze

Chopper Matej Smidl scored 27 points for the visitors with good performances, but both started general players Jere Heiskanen and Mikko Räsänen were four points behind. The attack percentage of both was below 30 percent.

The most effective of the general players in the match was Hurrikaani Greg Petty with 11 points.

The next two matches will be played in Akaa’s home hall on Friday and Saturday. The teams will return to Loimaa next Tuesday to play a potentially decisive fourth final match.

Neither team has won the championship. Hurricane has been silver five times, Akaa-Volley once.

In the league’s first bronze match, Savo Volley defeated VaLePa 3–2. Joonas Jokela scored 25 points. The second match will be played on Friday in Sastamala. If VaLePa wins, a golden round will be played after the match to decide the bronze medal.