Hurricane Fiona has reached Puerto Rico – power outages across the island

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The entire island was hit by a power outage on Sunday. Over 1.4 million people have been affected by the power outage, which is all electricity customers, write Washington Post.

Work is now underway to restore power and according to the current forecast it may take several days.

Hurricane Fiona struck two days before the anniversary of Hurricane Maria, which crippled the island in 2017 and caused almost 3,000 deaths.

Classified as an emergency

US President Joe Biden has classified the situation in Puerto Rico as an emergency. This means that the US disaster management agency gets the opportunity to coordinate disaster relief and contribute with protective measures.

Other islands in the Caribbean Sea are also threatened by the hurricane. The greatest danger concerns the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The US hurricane authority NHC warns that the hurricane may increase in strength during Monday. It is also warned that the large amounts of rain can cause catastrophic floods.

One death has been reported in connection with the storm, writes Reuters. According to the authorities, it is a man who died when his was swept away by floods.