Hunter Biden charged with weapons offences

This summer, a deal was on the way, in which Hunter Biden would plead guilty to tax crimes and then avoid prosecution for gun possession while abusing drugs. But the deal – struck with the US Department of Justice – was withdrawn after the judge questioned its wording.

Biden then pleaded not guilty and the agreement fell apart.

Must have used drugs

According to the indictment filed Thursday, Hunter Biden, 53, lied on a form when he bought a gun at a gun store in Wilmington, Delaware, in October 2018, AP writes.

He is accused of falsely stating that he did not use or depend on drugs and illegally carrying the gun while using drugs.

The announcement that the president’s son is being prosecuted comes shortly after Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that the US House of Representatives is beginning an impeachment trial against President Joe Biden. The impeachment process is largely based on alleged improprieties around son Hunter Biden.

Constant target

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Hunter Biden was a constant target of then-President Donald Trump’s campaign. He was then singled out for, among other things, his alcohol and drug abuse.

In addition, Hunter Biden’s board assignment in a Ukrainian gas company was a hot political issue. Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the latter, which subsequently led to Trump being impeached.