“Human-centered hybrid AI opens up new possibilities”

Won-Joon Choi, Vice President of Samsung Electronics and Head of Mobile Communications Business Unit R&D Team, made important statements.

Won-Joon Choi, Vice President of Samsung Electronics and Head of Mobile Communications Business Unit R&D Teamwrote an article about the present and future of the age of artificial intelligence in mobile, which Samsung started with the Galaxy S24 Series smartphones. In his article, Choi provides details on the work that resulted in Samsung’s innovations in the field of AI and how the Live Translate feature was developed. The full article in which Won-Joon Choi details Samsung’s human-centered and hybrid artificial intelligence approach is as follows: “We took a hybrid approach to our AI integration to bring the real-life benefits of generative AI technology to the Galaxy S24 Series. AI offers many possibilities, and we believe that mobile devices are the first stop in unlocking the potential of AI, as users around the world often use their phones for their daily needs.


The fact that they have become very personal elements that people use in the most important and unforgettable moments of their lives shows the indispensability of mobile devices in daily life. We understand this behavior and believe that smartphones need to be more functional so that users can make important moments simpler, more intuitive and more legendary. We also recognize the importance of privacy, so we give users full access to what to share and what to keep private.

We believe that our hybrid approach is the most practical and reliable solution to meet all these needs and makes Samsung a pioneer. We openly collaborate with industry-leading partners to provide users with the range of functions they need in everyday life, providing a balance between the instant responsiveness and extra privacy assurance of on-device AI and the versatility of cloud-based AI.

Expanding the possibilities of AI built into devices

We made the ‘Live Translate’ feature on-device AI-based, because voice calls are the most basic feature of a smartphone, but also an intimate and private means of communication. At Samsung, we are committed to enabling users to communicate without language barriers while ensuring that every communication remains secure and confidential.

To make this feature a reality, our R&D team worked around the clock as part of a collaborative process that brought out our teams’ best ideas. Our R&D teams on the Mobile Experience side have done their best, ranging from determining the correct size of artificial intelligence language models to training and testing in real-life scenarios. In this way, our teams were able to go beyond the limits by running this feature entirely on the device.

Samsung’s R&D networks around the world, which are responsible for nurturing the best talent in their region and developing key technologies, also played a crucial role in this development. Samsung Research Centers around the world, such as Poland, China, India and Vietnam, have worked hard to develop and improve the languages ​​supported by Galaxy AI. Since all languages ​​have multicultural, contemporary and local qualities, the role of our local R&D offices in helping people overcome language barriers and communicate more naturally has become even more important in opening up new possibilities for users living in all regions and an expanding geography.

All these efforts have enabled Samsung to deliver a completely new technology, and I’m excited to share it. Soon, Samsung will extend the power of Galaxy AI beyond Samsung’s own native calling app, making Live Translate available in other third-party messaging apps to support voice calls. So you’ll be able to stay in touch with your friends or colleagues by communicating in multiple languages ​​on your favorite apps.

And because this feature is integrated into our on-device AI language translation model, users will be able to experience barrier-free communication when using Live Translate without worrying about privacy issues such as sharing personal data outside of their phone.

The smart computing power of the latest chips, especially NPUs, is advancing at breakneck speed along with other technologies. I think this will result in more intensive incorporation of mobile AI features into mobile devices. In this way, more people will start to use artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence will make users feel safe and make their daily lives easier.

We’re developing Galaxy AI today for tomorrow’s needs

This exciting news signals that our commitment to Galaxy AI will increase and we will enter the next phase of the mobile AI era. The launch of Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24 Series was just the beginning. We will also optimize the Galaxy AI experience on our upcoming foldable devices to deliver a completely new and unique AI experience. Our foldable devices feature Samsung Galaxy’s most versatile and flexible form factor. When combined with Galaxy AI, these two complementary technologies will together open up new possibilities.

Samsung will also expand Galaxy AI experiences across the broader Galaxy ecosystem in a way only Samsung can. “As the era of mobile artificial intelligence rapidly advances, Samsung is accelerating its innovations in mobile artificial intelligence to meet not only the needs of today but also the needs of tomorrow.”