Huawei FreeBuds 5i review – LOG

Huawei FreeBuds 5i review LOG

Huawei’s new wireless earphones Huawei FreeBuds 5i, Hi-Res Audio Wireless It comes with high-definition sound feature with certification. The headset, which stands out with its 42 dB multi-mode active noise canceling feature and up to 28 hours of battery life, is under the spotlight.

Huawei, which offers ambitious products in the wireless speaker and wireless headphone market in Turkey, launched the FreeBuds 5i model at the end of last year.

Last June, the most assertive member of the family FreeBuds Pro 2 Introduced with the model, it offers the features we see in high-end wireless headphones at a more affordable price. price in Turkey 1.699 TL Apart from Huawei devices, the headset can also be used with iOS and Android devices. The model, which provides an easy transition between devices thanks to its dual connection support, also targets those looking for headphones with long battery life. It also supports active noise canceling feature. your wireless headset Let’s talk about the points of interest.

Huawei FreeBuds 5i


Huawei FreeBuds 5i comes in three different color options: Ceramic White, Nebula Black and Powder Blue. The model with the Nebula Black color option we reviewed offers a really nice look. This hue on the earpiece evokes the feel of pebble-like texture. While a pebble-like appearance is provided in the powder blue color option, a shiny body in white color is preferred. The charging case, where a matte surface is preferred, has a lightweight design. The lightweight design in the charging case is also reflected in the earphones. According to Huawei, the hoods in the new model are shorter and 11 percent lighter than its predecessor. The headset, which has a silicone tip, stands out with its light and ergonomic design. The headphones, which we keep in our ears all day, met our expectations in terms of comfort.

While doing sports, the model we tested did not fall into our ears. Although the ear tip that comes with the headset is suitable for us, different sizes of ear tips are also included in the box content. If the ear tip that comes with the earphone is not suitable for your ear, you can also try other silicone tips that come out of the box. Headphones that can be charged via USB-C connection to IP54 certification owner. In this way, you can use the headset, which is resistant to water splashes, while doing sports or on a rainy day. Although the headset is dustproof, it is not dustproof. The headset also has a touch control feature. In this way, it is possible to control the headset by touch without the need for mobile devices. A long tap on any of the earpieces turns on the active noise canceling feature. When the same action is done again, the active noise canceling feature is turned off and awareness mode is opened. In this way, it is possible to hear what is happening around. Double tapping the earpiece plays or pauses the track. You can increase or decrease the volume of the headset by swiping up and down. As with wireless headphones on the market, this model also has a smart sensing feature. When you take the earphone out of your ear, the part stops, and when you put it back on, the part continues from where it left off. The wireless charging feature of the headset, which can be charged via the USB-C connection, is unfortunately not available.

Huawei FreeBusd 5i


Huawei offers a successful sound performance in this headset, as in the headset models that we have had the opportunity to review before. For the headset we tested with the Huawei Mate 50 Pro Spotify, YouTube Music and Netflix We used apps. Headphones gave us a good experience in pop, rock, hip-hop and classical music we listened to on Spotify. The model, in which we achieved a similar sound performance with headphones sold at higher prices, met our expectations with the sound experience it offered. Although we like the sound balance offered with headphones Huawei AI It is also possible to adjust the equalizer through the application. Especially if you like to listen to bass-heavy tracks, you can choose the EQ effects to increase the bass setting. If you care about treble performance, you can also increase the treble. Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC Supporting certifications, the headset also offers high-definition sound quality. Of course, for high-resolution sound quality, you need to set the best sound quality in the settings of the music service you use. If the phone you are using also supports this feature, you can get the best sound performance from the headset. Although the headset stands out compared to its competitors in its segment, if you are someone who cares a lot about sound quality, Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro 2 to the model You can also take a look. This headset, which we reviewed earlier, is currently Huawei’s flagship wireless headset.

The headset also has 42 db active noise canceling feature. Three different ANC modes are offered via the Huawei AI application: hot, general and super. Super mode is suitable for extremely noisy environments, warm mode is suitable for slightly noisy environments, and general is suitable for noisy environments. If you are in a noisy environment, we recommend choosing the super mode. We tested this feature in the subway and in an environment with high noise levels. The headset, which effectively reduces the background noise, won our appreciation for this feature. Although the Freebuds 5i meets our expectations with ANC performance, you can also take a look at different models on the market for better ANC performance. Let’s also evaluate the battery life performance of the headset.

When the battery of the Huawei wireless headset and charging case is charged to 100 percent to 28 hours He mentions that it offers an up-to-date experience. The battery life of the headset, which we actively use, lasted for 5 days in our usage scenario. This period of course varies depending on usage. The headset also promises up to 4 hours of use when charged for 15 minutes. We were happy that this feature was also available in the headset. While FreeBuds Pro 2 has 3 microphones, this model has 2 microphones. We made a phone call in a noisy environment and our voice was clearly transmitted to the other party. If we come to the conclusion, Huawei has signed a successful headset model, as in its previous headphones. The model that joins our favorite wireless headphones with both sound and ANC performance. 1.699 TLIt is an accessible model with a price of . As we mentioned before, if you are looking for a better sound and ANC performance, you can buy FreeBuds Pro 2, which is sold for 3,299 TL.