HPK’s golden helmet blunder aroused disgust – EPN’s puck expert: “At least a double-digit suspension”

HPKs golden helmet blunder aroused disgust EPNs puck

HPK’s minor-winning autumn season in the hockey league was further darkened by the brain fart of the team’s best scorer Danick Martel in the HIFK match.

Helsinki IFK continued HPK’s downhill run in Thursday’s SM league round with a 3–0 win. Number one in the league’s goalkeeping statistics Niko Hovinen stopped 19 shots in his clean sheet, Kristian Vesalainen hit twice.

For HPK, the loss was the sixth in a row. During the losing cycle, the club has managed to score only three times and stuck in the series from last to last.

However, HPK’s golden helmet became the most talked about act of the match By Danick Martel game penalty taken in a two-goal deficit position, in time 55.24.

of HIFK Teemu Tallberg tackled the Club’s most advanced scorer almost to the substitution fence. Martel’s upper body went over the side and when he came back, the Canadian striker fell into a skate kick that seemed to be intentional after the judges and also the video room.

– I saw it quite close. I understand that there are a lot of emotions, but that was already over. I don’t want to see any more of that, it could have been funny. Not a thought-out solution from Martel. Hopefully the discipline will make a good example of that, said HIFK’s two-goal Vesalainen.

In ice hockey, intentional skate kicks to an opponent are one of the most blatant and dangerous violations.

Puhe’s hockey tour expert Topi with Nättinen was quite a succinct line for the offense.

– After all, this is a tough place for discipline if the act can be seen on video and is also without holes. The sentence must be big. The suspension must be double digits. I think ten matches is the bare minimum, comments Nättinen.

Less than two weeks ago, Martel hit the headlines on October 20 in Kuopio. That’s when the Canadian poked KalPa with his stick Saku Salmela in the face at the very end of the match when the Kuopio team was leading the game 3–0. Martel got kicked out for his trick, but the League’s discipline saw no reason to give an additional sanction for the sloppiness.

Too many flies for Ilves, KooKoo has a great cry

Third place Kärpät easily beat Ilves, one place higher, 4–0 and won their fourth game in a row in the hockey league. Niklas Kokko needed 22 saves for a clean sheet.

In the fitness scale of the last 15 matches, the people of Oulu are number one. Ilves is a divided team, because in Tampere the home points are behind a rock, but away from home the team is clearly the best traveling crew in the league.

KooKoo rose to 4-4 in Rauma in the third period from as many as four goals behind, after scoring the last two goals without a goalkeeper. In overtime, however, Lukko celebrated, scoring the 5–4 decision Ponthus Werterholm. Brother-son Patrick Westerholm your size power 2+2.

The main architects of JYP’s 3–2 victory over Sport were the top two on the Liiga points exchange Sami Niku and Jerry Turkulainen, who both scored 1+1 points. The win was JYP’s fourth in a row. Vaasa’s winning streak of three matches was broken.

Ice Hockey Championship League

HIFK – HPK 3–0 (0-0.1-0.2-0)

Lynx – Flies 0–4 (0-2.0-1.0-1)

JYP – Sport 3–2 (1-0,1-2,1-0)

Lock – KooKoo and 5–4 (2-0, 2-0, 0-4, 1-0)
64.06 5-4 Ponthus Westerholm (Pa Westerholm)

Series table