How to update Android application – Mobile

Application updates are an integral part of any operating system. They bring new features and fix security issues. You don’t have to worry about keeping apps up to date when you turn on automatic updates in the Play Store. However, if you want to update an app for which there is no update available in the Play Store, you can update it manually.

The best Android phones A common way to use it is the Google Play Store. However, thanks to the open nature of Android, there are other ways to update apps using third-party apps and websites.

How to update Android apps using Google Play Store?

Google Play Store comes pre-installed on most Android phones and is the easiest way to update your apps.

  1. Google Play StoreOpen .
  2. In the upper right corner, to your profile photo and then Manage apps and deviceTap .
  3. If there are updates, Updates available You will see the message.
  4. update allYou can update the apps on this page by tapping . If you want to see all available updates see detailsTap .
  5. To reveal the changes brought by the update little down arrow tap.
  6. After finishing the call update allTap .

When a developer submits an updated version of their app, it can take from a few hours to a day to appear in the Play Store. If you’ve been waiting for a major app update for a long time, you may want to manually install the updated version of the app via an Android Package File.

How to update Android apps using APK

Android uses Android Package files (APKs) to install apps and services. You can install new apps and update your existing apps using APKs. APK Mirror is one of the most popular APK repositories. Installing an updated app version via APK Mirror can be difficult and overwhelming, as there may be many versions of the app you are trying to update.

Clue: If you are not sure which version of the app is installed on your device, Settings > Apps > All appsGo to , search for and tap the app, and then Check versionTap .

When downloading an APK, you will see a regular APK file and an app bundle with split APKs. Let’s see how the first one works because it is easier to work with. APKs can be installed with a few taps using Android’s built-in package installer, while an App package can be installed using the APK Mirror app or Split APKs installer.

If you don’t know how to sideload apps, we’ve created a detailed guide to walk you through the process.

How to update an Android app using Aurora Store

Aurora Store is a trusted open source store for Android apps. Most of the popular apps available in Play Store are available in Aurora Store. The app has an updates section where you can install new updates coming faster from the Play Store as well as installing new apps.

  1. Go to the official Aurora Store website.
  2. Tap the download link for the stable version.
  3. Download anywayTap and open the file.
  4. Load Install the app by tapping the button.
  5. Once installed, open it.
  6. Accept the Terms of Service and ForwardTap .
  7. session loader Select and choose a theme.
  8. Grant all necessary permissions.
  9. Sign in using Google or by creating an Anonymous login.
  10. Updates Go to tab.
  11. Update Tap and wait for the download to finish.
  12. UpdateTap .

Aurora Store also allows you to download apps from F-Droid. F-Droid is another Google Play Store alternative, but it has free and open source apps for Android. If you care about your privacy, installing open source apps is a great first step towards protecting it. To enable F-Droid apps in the Aurora Store, go to Settings > Filters and then turn off Filter F-Droid apps.

Not all third-party app stores can be trusted

It’s important to only download apps from trusted websites, as many third-party Android app stores have been accused of distributing malware before. APK Mirror and Aurora Store Websites and stores like these either have a very large user base or are open source and therefore can be trusted.

If you come across an app store that looks legit, a few minutes of research will go a long way in protecting your privacy. Your best bet if your phone or tablet doesn’t have Google Play Services Google Play Storeis to install it on your device.