How to transform your winter stole into a spring cardigan, simply by folding it this way (the result is stunning!)

How to transform your winter stole into a spring cardigan

Winter is over, but we still have a little fresh… Good news: if you’ve kept your big scarves handy, you don’t need to go buy vests, there’s a tutorial very simple to transform your stoles into a stylish cardigan in two minutes, just with three well-placed knots! Video demonstration.

© Screenshot Tiktok

The creativity of influencers to recycle their wardrobe has no limits on Tiktok! Our last favorite trick: the one that consists of creating a cardigan from your favorite scarf. And it is to @claudyamoreira1 more particularly that we owe this brilliant trick. If she chooses to use a cream scarf, this DIY works with any choker, regardless of color and material. The only requirement? To have enough length to be able to play with the accessory. Watch this demo video, it’s so simple!

Instructions for transforming a stole into a bolero in 5 steps:

  1. Tie two ends of the scarf around the waist.
  2. Grasp the other two ends and tie a knot.
  3. Bring the scarf over the shoulders.
  4. Stick your head through the hole created.
  5. Adjust to your liking.

That’s enough to turn your favorite scarf into a trendy cardigan! Bonus, as there is no sewing or handling that would damage your stole, vOf course, you can transform it back to its original use. whenever you need it.