How to reorient yourself after a year of college?

How to reorient yourself after a year of college

After an L1 in university, validated or not, many students opt for a reorientation. In this article, we detail the different options for changing your path after a year of college.

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After a year of bachelor’s degree at the university, only 40% of students continue their studies in L2 in the same specialty, from the same course. The others drop out or reorient themselves towards another training or a license in another field. L1 is also the main year of failure after the baccalaureate in the students’ university course.

This is explained on the one hand by the working method, which is very different from that of the school. In license, students must be autonomous. They are much less followed and accompanied than in high school. On the other hand, the failure in license can come from an inappropriate choice of orientation, by lack of information or of self-knowledge.

Whatever the reason, there are different options for reorienting yourself after a first year of a university degree. We present them to you below.

Enroll in another license or IAE

It is quite possible to make a new integration request in the first year of the license. You must then use the platform Parcoursup, as in the post-bac orientation course.

In some cases, the reorientation can even take place at the end of the first semester! Indeed, it has been noticed that most of the students who obtained results below 6/20 during the first months of the license will not succeed in their L1. Changing lanes as early as possible can be interesting and stimulating for the learner, think about it! A condition is essential in this case: the new license must be of a domain close to that which was started.

Finally, the option of IAE (Institute of Business Administration) is also favored by these students. These establishments have the advantage of belonging to the university system, but have more extensive monitoring than licenses. They prepare students for jobs in management, commerce and marketing, mainly.

Integrate short studies (CAP, DUT …)

After a license, it is quite possible to integrate a DUT (Technological University Diploma) or a CAP (Certificate Professional Aptitude). In some cases, when the two fields are close, it is possible to change course after the first semester of L1.

After a validated L1, it is possible to enter directly into the 2nd year of the DUT. The student then does not lose any year of study. This is called the DUT in “special year”. Of course, there are conditions depending on the sector, to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Integrate post-bac schools

This is a good option for students who have completed a first year of college. From gateways even exist to integrate these schools mid-term, after a valid L1 semester. Indeed, these establishments have adapted and created staggered back-to-school sessions.

Post-bac schools cover several fields of study:

  • Engineering schools (INSA for example)

  • Business schools (IPAG or EBS for example)
  • Art schools (Fine Arts for example)
  • Architecture schools
  • Journalism schools
  • Beauty schools
  • Tourism schools

Opt for a prep

Some of the courses listed below are not accessible directly after the bac, or after a license. For some, often the most prestigious, students must go through a preparatory class of 1 or 2 years.

There are many different preps, depending on the field. Students are selected on file, via Parcoursup.

Reorienting oneself in health

It is quite possible to opt for training in medical or paramedical professions, after a first year of college. Admission will then also be via Parcoursup.

The options available to students are varied:

  • Preparation for the PASS medical competition
  • Physiotherapy schools
  • Osteopathic schools
  • Occupational therapy schools
  • Diploma ofmale nurse

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