How to play FIFA 23 in early access? Our guide

How to play FIFA 23 in early access Our guide

The most popular football game is back this month! FIFA 23 arrives on September 30, and offers impatient players different ways to play it in early access, 72 hours before its release.

[Mis à jour le 21 septembre 2022 à 10h30] It’s once again a busy back-to-school season for Electronic Arts, which like every year invites us to discover the new iteration of its flagship license: FIFA 23. Equipped with various technical improvements, particularly in terms of defensive artificial intelligence , and the Hypermotion 2 motion capture system, FIFA 23 is shaping up to be a must-have release for all football fans. And EA intends to do things big for the one that will be the last of the FIFA games, after the divorce between the American studio and the International Football Federation. The game is scheduled for September 30 next, but it will be possible to play it from September 27 for the most impatient. We explain the three best ways to play FIFA 23 in early access just below in this article.

The first way to play FIFA 23 in early access is the simplest, it is of course to buy it in Ultimate version. This “collector’s edition” includes various in-game advantages, including 4600 FIFA points, FUT players on loan, and many more. But, what interests us here is that the Ultimate edition of FIFA 23 offers you the possibility of joining the early access of the game from September 27th. The small problem is that the Ultimate edition is sold at a price of 99.99 € on consoles and 89.99 € on PC. A significant investment, knowing all the same that the Ultimate versions of FIFA 23 on console also include the free upgrade from the “old-gen” versions (Xbox One and PS4) to the “next-gen” versions (PS5, Xbox Series ). So if you plan to change consoles soon, this may be the right solution.

You may already know this, but EA now has its own gaming subscription service. This offer, divided into two subscriptions EA Play and EA Play Pro, offers you different advantages that differ from one to another. As for EA Play (€3.99/month or €24.99/year), a subscriber gains access to a playlist of EA games, 10% discount on purchases from the EA store, virtual gifts and above all, what interests us here, 10 hours of early access to all new releases. To subscribe to EA Play so you can get 10 hours game in early access on FIFA 23 since the September 27. EA Play is valid on PC via Steam and EA App, on PlayStation and on Xbox.

As it concerns EA Play Pro, this subscription is almost similar to the Xbox Game Pass. It encompasses all the benefits of EA Play but gives you a unlimited access to all EA games, including new releases. An EA Play Pro subscriber will therefore not need to buy FIFA 23 to play it, and will be able to access its early access from September 27 next without time limit. EA Play Pro subscription is only offered for gamers computer, and only works with the EA App. Its price is €14.99/month or €99.99/year.

You may already know this, but the members of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate enjoy certain advantages over EA games. Indeed, EA and Microsoft have teamed up to combine their Xbox Game Pass and EA Play offers. To make it clearer, Xbox Game Pass subscribers also get the benefits ofEA Play. If you follow our reasoning, you will understand that all Xbox Game Pass subscribers therefore have early access to FIFA 23. However, this access is limited to 10 hours of play. Xbox Game Passso you can enjoy FIFA 23 from the September 27 during 10 hours. This offer obviously only concerns Xbox and PC players. You can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for €9.99/month with a discount to €1/month for the first month on PC.