How to optimize the use of the clipboard?

How to optimize the use of the clipboard

The clipboard is a very simple computer function, which can be improved and optimized if used extensively. Today Futura shows you how to achieve this on Windows using free software, PasteCopy.NET.

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In the IT field, the clipboard is a function whose objective is to store data that we wish to place elsewhere. Concretely, a piece of information is stored when you use the “copy” or “cut” function, then it is duplicated or moved to where you want it when you use the ” to stick on “.

Up to Windows 10, the information stored in the clipboard was automatically overwritten if you used the “copy” or “cut” function again. However, when we use the clipboard extensively, we would sometimes like it to be possible to juggle previously copied information in order to reuse it at the appropriate time. Windows 10 partially addressed the issue by allowing access to history from his clipboard.

PasteCopy.NET, a little-known free software, goes much further than Windows 10 in organizing and optimizing the clipboard and its elements. Futura shows you today how to use it.

Download and install

First, download PasteCopy.NET by following the link below:

Then go to the download folder (by default “This Pc > Downloads ”) and right click on the installation file. The context menu appears, then select “Run as administrator”.

The software installation begins. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the language of your choice. Click “OK” to go to the next step.

Read the license agreement or go directly after clicking on “OK”.

Define the type of installation you want (“local” for a classic installation on your PC), possibly change the destination folder (only if you have a good reason to do so), then confirm with a click on “OK “.

Now check the boxes of the shortcuts you want to add (desktop, quick launch bar and “Start” menu), then click “OK”.

The window settings then opens.
In the “General” tab, the “Start with Windows” option can be useful if you think you will be using PasteCopy.NET frequently.

In the “Preferences” and “Preview”, we advise you not to change anything at the start. See how you use the software and then adjust the settings accordingly.

How to use PasteCopy.NET?

The operation of PasteCopy.NET is simple. Select some text, right click on it and choose “Copy” (or use the shortcut “ctrl + C” directly).

Immediately, the content stored in the clipboard is displayed on the interface under “New Category”. From now on, you just need to click on it and it will go directly to the clipboard.

Note: If you minimize the interface, click the PasteCopy.NET icon in the hidden icons (right in the taskbar) to make it reappear.

Also save images if you need to. To do this, right-click on them and choose “Copy image” from the context menu.

PasteCopy.NET then offers to give a title to the image. Click on “OK” to validate the operation.

The title of the image immediately appears on PasteCopy.NET after the other copied elements. You can preview it at the bottom of the interface. Remember that you have the option to change the preview settings (options> settings).

How to sort the saved items?

By default, the items you copy appear in “New Category”. Nevertheless, it is possible to organize them intelligently so that they can be easily reused later. You will thus be able to create new folders in which to store the elements copied to the clipboard.

To do this, click on “File” in the menu, then on “Add a Category” among the options offered.

Now give a name to the created category and click on “OK”.

You can now move items from one category to another with a simple drag and drop.

How to stop the automatic saving of clipboard items?

If you wish to use the texts and images saved in the software, but you wish to deactivate the automatic saving of elements placed in the clipboard, first press “Options” in the menu. Then click on “Self-Paste” so that the mark on the left disappears.

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