How to make your own homemade hydroalcoholic gel?

How to make your own homemade hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic solutions are recommended to eliminate bacteria and viruses, especially during epidemics such as influenza or Covid-19. Here is the recipe for making your own hydroalcoholic solution, to be used with some precautions.

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Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, sales of hydroalcoholic products have tripled and many pharmacies and stores are out of stock. In case of shortage, or simply to save money, you can follow the recipe of the World Health Organization (WHO) and make your own hydroalcoholic solution. Intended primarily for pharmacy professionals, it is however quite simple to apply at home.

Make your hydroalcoholic gel: the basic ingredients

It takesalcohol that kills viruses and bacteria, of the’oxygenated water (or peroxidehydrogen) which eliminates the bacterial spores potentially present in the vials – but which has no action antiseptic on the skin -, and glycerol which acts as an emollient and humectant. Other softeners can be used as a replacement for glycerol, such as for example the aloe vera. All these ingredients are available in drugstores or on request in pharmacies.

Warning: the WHO specifies that only products intended specifically for pharmaceutical use (and not industrial products) should be used. Hydrogen peroxide is otherwise corrosive at concentrations greater than 3-6%. Also beware of vials ofalcohol sold commercially, the concentration of which is often less than 70%.

Here are the quantities to obtain a liter of hydroalcoholic solution:

  • 833 ml of alcohol (96% ethanol or 99.8% isopropanol);
  • 41.7 ml of hydrogen peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide);
  • 14.5 ml of glycerin (98% glycerol);
  • distilled or boiled water to supplement.

Make your hydroalcoholic gel: the steps

The proportions may vary slightly, but the alcohol concentration must remain above 60%; the higher the alcohol concentration, the more effective the hydroalcoholic solution will be.

  • Pour the alcohol into a graduated container.
  • Add the hydrogen peroxide, then the glycerol (the latter being viscous, you can use part of thedistilled water to rinse the container you poured it with).
  • Make up with the remaining distilled water.
  • Immediately divide the solution into several tightly closed vials to prevent evaporation.
  • Wait at least 72 hours before using your gel hydroalcoholic so that the hydrogen peroxide acts.
  • Remember to label your bottles correctly and keep them out of reach of children.

If you are not tempted to play the little chemist, simply wash your hands with water and soap : it is even more efficient than the hydroalcoholic gel against the spread of epidemics.

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