How to Make GSB WiFi Exit? How to Logout Kyk Wifi?

How to Make GSB WiFi Exit How to Logout Kyk

Thousands of university students stay in Kyk dormitories in our country. The Ministry of Youth and Sports provides internet service for students staying in Kyk dormitories. Within the scope of this service, students use the free Wifi service in Kyk dormitories. In today’s article, we will provide information about the GSB WiFi exit process. In this way, you will be able to easily log out of the WiFi you are having trouble with.

Kyk provides free internet service for students staying in dormitories for a long time. Students who will come to Kyk dormitory have many questions about how they can benefit from and use this internet service. Today we will clear all these question marks.

Kyk WiFi network is a private internet network. Every action you take while connected to this network is logged. These include the websites you enter, the IP address you use, and your entry-exit times. Also in the downloaded files log It is saved and archived on a file called

As we understand the internet service in GSB, how the bride exit process is done, the confirmation page error that we encounter when trying to exit first prevents the exit process from taking place. With this “ExitAlthough you press the ” button, you still cannot leave the page and you are constantly stuck on the same page. This problem is actually a problem caused by the device you are using. To avoid this problem, you need to use the most up-to-date and latest version of Google Chrome.

In addition to this problem, disconnecting and reconnecting, switching to mobile data and using VPN prevent you from logging out of WiFi. You should not do these operations. Thus, you can easily perform the exit process. There is one more thing to remember. If you have two devices, you cannot connect to WiFi from these devices at the same time. Therefore, when switching from one device to another, it is recommended to log out of the verification page and log in on the other device.

An Unexpected Error Occurred Issue!

If you haven’t done anything missing, you can easily exit after saying exit from the verification page. This is a fairly simple method, but in some cases it can be complicated. If there is a problem with the system, it is impossible to solve it, but if it is a problem with your device, you can easily fix it.

An unexpected error has occurred” message is quite a lot of situations encountered. These are the most common problems, especially during peak hours. If you encounter this problem, you have no choice but to log out again.

If you cannot open the verification page to log out, it is a system problem. So you should wait a bit and try again later. In addition, when this problem is encountered, you should know that it is usually a system failure and you should try again after a while.

gsb wifi output

Kyk WiFi Output Screen Does Not Appear

Students staying in Kyk residence often have problems logging out of Wifi. This is a common situation. If you can’t sign out even though you said sign out, we recommend disconnecting your device from the internet and reconnecting, restarting your browser or device.

I Forgot My Kyk WiFi Password! How can I get a new password?

If you forgot your Kyk password, all you have to do is to request a new password from the administration. Apart from this, there is no other way to learn your password. After requesting the new password, we recommend that you do not save your current password and make a note of it.

How Do I Change My Kyk WiFi Password?

You have to follow a simple way to change the Kyk WiFi password. Firstly You need to login to the portal. On the page that opens in front of you in the panel “Change Password” button welcomes you. You can create your new password by clicking this button. Your password must be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 characters and must contain an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number.

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