How to insure yourself before the ski holiday: “Cheaper”

How to insure yourself before the ski holiday Cheaper

The sports holiday week is approaching and many have ski holidays on their schedule. But there’s a lot to keep an eye on before you hit the slopes.

Mia Winberginsurance expert at your insuranceslists the most important insurances to use on a ski holiday, in a press release.

Home insurance can cover stolen ski equipment

It is important to keep track of the ski equipment, even if these are covered by the travel cover in your home insurance. According to the insurance expert, the risk of theft of snowboards and ski equipment is high, which is important to be aware of.

– Get into the habit of locking your skis when you’re done skiing for the day, and always lock them in the ski rack when you stop and have a coffee, recommends Winberg.

An all-risk insurance can cover any damage to the ski equipment.

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The insurance expert: “It can be very expensive”

The travel cover in the home insurance covers a lot, such as possible healthcare costs.

– If you lack home insurance, however, you face the risk of having to pay the costs of hospital care yourself and a possible trip home by air ambulance. And it can be very expensive, writes Winberg.

In the worst case, something could happen that means you have to cancel your holiday. In that case, it is necessary to have purchased cancellation protection, or to have signed a special supplement in the home insurance.

– Cancellation protection can often be purchased through the tour operator, but what many people don’t know is that it can also be taken out as an add-on to home insurance. The latter option is often cheaper, and also applies to all trips for you and the family all year round, says insurance expert Mia Winberg.

Sometimes, however, there may be holiday insurance on the credit card you bought the trip with, which may have other benefits than those listed. Therefore, it is important to know what these mean before adding additional insurance.

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