How to Get a Free Pet in Diablo 4?

How to Get a Free Pet in Diablo 4

We can finally get free pets for Diablo 4. You can find the steps required to complete this task in our guide.

We can finally have pets in Diablo 4. In this guide “How to get free pets in Diablo 4?” We will answer the question. If you haven’t received it yet, start reading.

How to Get and Activate a Free Pet in Diablo 4?

Diablo 4, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, finally got its pets. In the production, which attracts attention with its gothic and dark atmosphere, pets, one of the most desired features by us players, were finally added. In fact, the first of the cute dogs that will help us on our adventures can be purchased free of charge. Let’s see where you can find it, read on to see how you can get a free Pet in Diablo 4.

How to Get a Free Pet in Diablo 4?

We all have the opportunity to get a free Pet right now, before the new Expansion Pack for Diablo 4 comes out. The Pet in question, Asheara the Canine A brown dog named. You can get it very easily by following the steps below.

– First of all, you need to update your Diablo 4 game. When you open the BattleNet application, you can easily update the Diablo 4 game.

– When you enter the game, a new Priority Quest called “Faithful Companion” will automatically appear in Kyovashad.

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– Follow the Quest marker until you find the dog we marked on the map. Start a conversation with him and choose the only option there – “Who’s a good dog?”

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– After this short but meaningful conversation, Asheara will be added to your wardrobe.

Open your wardrobe and you’ll see a new Pets tab open. There choose your new friend as your pet and your new furry friend will be by your side. Apart from Ashaera, there are three other dogs. To get them, you need to pre-order the Hatred of Vessel expansion pack.

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Natalya – Did it catch your attention? The names of pets in Diablo 4 come from characters in Diablo 2 Act 3.

  • Ashaera
  • Hratli
  • Natalya
  • Alcor

What Do Pets Do?

In addition to enhancing the game with their presence and being loyal companions, pets actually have an in-game purpose. Pets help you by collecting Gold and Materials from the ground. You’ll no longer have to click on every single item that drops from a Chest, or worry about clicking correctly to quickly pick up an item on the ground while being chased by hordes of demons or Bosses. You will have your trusted friend to do this for you.