How to flower the garden in winter?

How to flower the garden in winter

In winter, the garden goes to sleep with the days getting shorter and the light falling. You can choose rustic plants that will brighten up the garden, the terrace or the balcony by bringing bright colors and scents.

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Grow a garden, terrace or balcony with colors all year. By choosing certain shrubs, perennials, bulb plants or foliage, you can add colors to brighten up your exterior throughout season of the’winter.

Sparkling perennial foliage

Also play with the foliage to give touches of color to your flower beds in winter. From ferns with green leaves will contrast with heucher leaves or heucherellas, purple, orange or brown. The grasses like sedges or ophiopogon will be the most beautiful effect in flower beds, planters or pots.

Colorful shrubs

In winter, some shrubs illuminate the garden with their foliage, colorful berries or winter blooms. Succumb to mimosa which will perfume your green setting or your interior, in a bouquet, from January to March. A sarcococca is covered with small, very fragrant white flowers from January to March. A chimonanthe adorns itself all winter with small yellow bells with stamens red on drink naked, small inflorescences scented. A witch hazel will produce a multitude of bright yellow or orange flowers on branches devoid of foliage, from December to March. Some clematis armandii and cirrhosa are covered in flowers from November to March, with some very fragrant. Another happiness of winter to flower a wall or a trellis, the winter honeysuckle which is adorned with very bright and fragrant white flowers. Also dare the colored wood with the yellow and red horns or the decorative bark.

Bulbs with unexpected charm

Before the appearance of spring bulbs such as hyacinths, tulips or daffodils, take advantage of the winter bulbs. The iris reticulata with flowers in shades of blue emerge from the ground in February-March, just like the eranthis, with yellow flowers. In February, you can admire the blooming of small snowflake bulbs or crocus, who point the end of their nose until April.

Beautiful flowers

After enjoying dahlias, asters and others gladioli up tofall, plant pansy rugs in 1001 colors. Play with shapes, heights and colors. In the undergrowth, bring a touch of pink with the cyclamen outdoors or heather. Also adopt Christmas hellebores with graphic flowers in shades of white, purple or violet.

Amazing berries

The star of the winter compositions is the gaultheria which is covered with small berries in the tones dew. In the garden or to make bouquets, enjoy the fruiting of cotoneaster, holly, ornamental apple tree or even more remarkable, purple callicarpa berries hanging in clusters or even snowberry berries, white or pink, sometimes translucent.

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