how to do ? What are the dates and deadlines?

how to do What are the dates and deadlines

On June 30 and July 7, early legislative elections will be held. Dates which might not suit some French people, but voting is possible by proxy. Here’s how to do it.

Emmanuel Macron decided, following the European elections, to dissolve the National Assembly. The French are therefore called to the polls for new legislative elections on June 30 and July 7. An announcement that came as a surprise since the vote will be held in just three weeks. In addition, these dates fall right during the start of the summer school holidays. Many French people have probably already planned to leave during this period and will therefore not be able to go to their polling station on at least one of the two dates.

Fortunately, it is still possible to make a power of attorney. To do this, you must designate another person to place a ballot in the ballot box in their place. The proxy can be any person registered on the French electoral lists. In the event of absence for both rounds, the proxy can be designated for both ballots, the proxy can also be a different person for each round. In this second case, two separate powers of attorney will have to be made.

An online or printable form

The process can be done online: a form is available on the site MyProxy, by connecting with France Connect. Then, you are asked to indicate your municipality and several information on the chosen representative, in particular their date of birth and their voter number. This number is available on his electoral card.

Once the form has been completed, an email with the reference of the request as well as proof of identity must be presented at a police station, gendarmerie, in a court or in a specific place designated by the prefect. At this time, the proxy is confirmed and the receipt to be presented on the day of the vote received.

There is also a paper form printable, also to be delivered to one of the four places mentioned above, always with an identity document in your pocket. In case of last minute availability, there is nothing to do, just go to your polling station and inform your proxy so that he or she does not place the ballot received by proxy in the ballot box.

If there is no deadline for making a proxy, it is better not to wait too long so that the town hall has received it, given the short time frame in which these elections will be held.