How to Backup Windows 11?

How to Backup Windows 11

Data backup is an increasingly important issue in corporate environments as well as in the private realm. Whether it’s photos and videos or business documents not stored in the cloud, data loss can cost you dearly.

Windows 11allows you to create a snapshot of the entire system state. In this case, all system settings and customization, files and folders are transferred to a selected backup data medium to restore the system in case of failure. The following instructions Windows 11 will show you how to do the backup process one by one.

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First Step: Search for control panel

Windows 11 provides an option to back up files in the cloud via OneDrive. This can be adjusted in the “Settings” menu. However, to back up to an external data carrier, you need access to a backup function that has existed since Windows 7.

Note: You will need administrator rights to access the Windows 11 backup functionality.

Launch the Control Panel to use the feature. Open the search function (the magnifying glass icon in the taskbar), search for “Control Panel” and double-click on it to open the tool menu.

Step Two: Start the Windows 11 backup function

In the next step, click “Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” to start the backup function. You can use the tool to back up the system and files in Windows 11. If you have the category view enabled, you will find the entry in the “System and Security” category:

Step Three: Choose the backup media

To start the backup wizard, select ““Create a system imageClick ”. Now you can export a backup of Windows 11 to an external hard drive or USB stick, DVD or a network address. Windows automatically searches for mounted media and lists them as selectable media. However, you can mount or add the media you want and update the list.

After making your selection, continue the backup process by saying “Next”.

Step Four: Start the backup

Windows 11 will present a list of drives that can be backed up. It also shows a rough estimate of the size of the files to be backed up. Click “Start backup” to start Windows 11 backup.

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