How the North Korean threat is accelerating the rapprochement between Seoul and Tokyo

How the North Korean threat is accelerating the rapprochement between

The month of October saw the tension rise between the two Koreas between missile launches and military maneuvers. Faced with the threat of North Korea, South Korea is strengthening its ties with its longtime ally, the United States, but is also trying to get closer to Japan, with whom relations are not yet in good shape.

With our correspondent in Seoul, Celio Fioretti

The north korean threat could well reconcile two old enemies. This Sunday, November 6, the Soyang, a South Korean warship, takes part in the naval review of the Japanese fleet off Tokyo. A first for seven years.

Through their common history, that of the Japanese occupation of Korea at the beginning of the last century, the two countries have retained until recently very unfriendly relations. But that may well change with the need to respond to rising tensions with the Pyongyang regime.

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Bilateral Summit

Since this summer, Tokyo and Seoul have multiplied official meetings with the aim of drawing up a common security policy in the region. In October, the two countries also carried out joint military exercises. For the time being, the rapprochement seems to be working, but some controversies have already surfaced. Indeed, for this naval review, the South Korean sailors will have to salute the flag of the Japanese navy, similar to that used during the occupation of the peninsula. Something to bring back bad memories.

In any case, the two governments intend to continue to improve their relations. Japan and South Korea are considering holding a bilateral summit scheduled for November.