how many candidates elected to the European Parliament?

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This Sunday, June 9, the presidential majority will know if it manages to keep as many seats in Parliament after the European elections.

Will the results of the European elections favor the presidential majority? During the last continental election, in 2019, Macronie came second behind the National Rally but with only one point difference: 22.42%, against 23.34% for the RN. What will happen this Sunday June 9, 2024?

It is forbidden to give trends until the end of the vote, but the polls published until Friday June 7 and before the reserve period counted on a loss of a few seats for the presidential majority. It remains to be seen how many candidates Valérie Hayer will be able to elect and which ones.

Who is Valérie Hayer, the head of Renaissance’s list?

It’s a crazy rise that Valérie Hayer has experienced with these European elections. The head of the majority list who was still unknown to the general public a few weeks ago is now the face of the presidential camp to represent it in the European Parliament. But if she lacks notoriety among the French, she is a regular in the hemicycle in Strasbourg. Valérie Hayer has been sitting in the European Parliament since her election in 2019, she was then in the 19thth position on the list. She has since become co-president of the Renaissance delegation to the European Parliament and president of the Renew group in January 2024.

The fact remains that despite her experience as an MEP, the lack of notoriety in the face of better-known candidates complicated Valérie Hayer’s campaign. The elected official, the daughter of a farmer born in Mayenne, was able to count on the support of the Macronists, especially on the help of the Head of State and that of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who arrived later, but without This is not the desired effect on the campaign.

Who are the Renaissance candidates in the European elections? The full list

The list of Renaissance party candidates for the European elections has been made official by the Ministry of the Interior. To form the list, it was necessary to respect the balance between the three majority parties: Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons. But we also had to deal with the risk of seeing fewer candidates elected compared to the 23 outgoing ones and try to satisfy as many people as possible, knowing that many MEPs were returned to the list.

  • Valérie Hayer, MEP since 2019
  • Bernard GuettaMEP since 2019
  • Marie-Pierre VedrenneMEP since 2019
  • Pascal CanfinMEP since 2019
  • Nathalie LoiseauEuropean MP since 2019
  • Sandro GoziMEP since 2020
  • Fabienne KellerMEP since 2019
  • Gregory Allione
  • Laurence FarrengMEP since 2019
  • Gilles BoyerMEP since 2019
  • Valérie Devaux
  • Christopher GrudlerMEP since 2019
  • Stéphanie Yon-CourtinMEP since 2019
  • Jérémy DecerleMEP since 2019
  • Sylvie Gustave-dit-Duflo
  • Laurent Henart
  • Bérangere Abba
  • Max OrvilleMEP since 2022
  • Séverine de Compreignac
  • Ambroise Méjean
  • Rachel-Flore Pardo
  • Jean-Charles Orsucci
  • Alexandra Leuliette
  • Xavier Fournier
  • Shannon Seban
  • François Decoster
  • Catherine Amalric, MEP since 2023
  • James Chéron
  • Magali Altounian
  • Pierre Karleskind, MEP since 2019
  • Hélène Pollozec
  • Benjamin Djiane
  • Rosa Andrew
  • Phanit Siv
  • Yolène Pages
  • Aziz Skalli
  • Stephanie Marquez
  • Pierre-Jean Baty
  • Rebecca Breitman
  • Dimitri Oudin
  • Anne-Pascale Guédon
  • Laurent Cappelletti
  • Danielle Attias
  • Moreani Frebault
  • Louise Coffineau
  • Renan Mégy
  • Cécile Prost
  • Pierre-Luc Vervandier
  • Karine Guguen
  • Gaëtan Blaize
  • Judith Dossemont
  • Arnaud Michel
  • Valérie Rouverand
  • Victorien Leman
  • Martine Bouvard
  • Philippe Grégoire
  • Claire Scotcher
  • Roman Atlante
  • Vanessa Duhamel
  • Loïc Guilpain
  • Hermine Mauzé
  • Daniel N’Dao
  • Ophely Massat
  • Pierre Jakubowicz
  • Aurélie Trotin
  • David Frank
  • Eva Attina
  • Alain Bourcier
  • Mayor of Gimouille
  • Laëtitia Pichon
  • Erwan Crouan
  • Pegah Malek-Ahmadi
  • Alexandre Folmer
  • Valérie Gonzo-Massol
  • Jean Veil
  • Violette Spillebout
  • Edward Philippe
  • Anne Le Gagne
  • François Bayrou
  • Caroline Ortiz
  • Stéphane Séjourné
  • Elisabeth Borne

How many seats for Renaissance according to the poll results?

A list must obtain at least 5% of the votes in the European elections to see some of its candidates elected. The number of people elected out of the 81 candidates present on the lists of each party is proportional to the result obtained on election day. A minimum of 5% gets 4 seats, 10% gets 8 seats, etc.

The results of the European election polls, published until June 7 and before the reserve period, judged the presidential majority capable of claiming around fifteen seats, almost ten less compared to the number of seats obtained in 2019. But it should be kept in mind that poll results and projections are only predictions representing voting trends at a given time and cannot be understood as reliable predictions. It is preferable to wait until 8 p.m. and the official results to know the exact number of seats gleaned by Renaissance in the European Parliament.