how many candidates elected to the European Parliament?

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This Sunday, June 9, La France insoumise will know the number of elected officials sent to the European Parliament after the results of the European elections.

The LFI list led by Manon Aubry wants to work to build a strong left-wing Europe. But to do this it must have as many of its candidates elected as possible thanks to its result in the 2024 European elections. The latter claims to be at the head of a united left list, even if the four main left forces are engaged separately in the European election campaign.

Manon Aubry’s list suffers in part from its position on the situation in Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has caused several of its candidates to be at the heart of controversies and summoned as part of an investigation for “apology of terrorism” in the middle of the electoral campaign, notably the pro-Palestinian lawyer Rima Hassan, number 7 on the list.

So, to find out the number of LFI elected officials who will sit in the European Parliament, tune in this Sunday at 8 p.m. for the results of the European elections. As for the latest polls, published before Friday evening and the end of the official campaign, they gave less than 10 seats to the rebellious party. But these barometers only indicate the general tendency of a group of voters at a given time and make no guarantee of the final result, which will only be known on Sunday evening after the vote.

Who is Manon Aubry, the head of the Insoumis list?

Engaged with La France Insoumise since 2019, Manon Aubry was reappointed as head of the list for the 2024 European elections. After Sciences Po, the graduate in political science and business and international relations worked for eight years for different NGOs, then joined her mother, Catherine Poggi-Aubry, in the ranks of LFI. Manon Aubry quickly became a figure in the party founded by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The left-wing activist is the only French woman to sit on the council of presidents of the European Parliament. In the European hemicycle, she takes a position against tax evasion in Europe, feminicides and is at the initiative of a proposal for a European directive on the European duty of vigilance, a text “aimed at condemning multinationals violating human rights and destroying the environment in their production chain.” For the next election, she had launched an appeal to socialists, communists and ecologists for the creation of a common list in line with the Nupes, but her project did not receive the support of the three other left-wing groups.

What is the list of candidates for La France Insoumise (LFI)?

The LFI list is now complete. It contains 81 names, one for each seat in the European Parliament reserved for French elected officials. This does not mean that all of the names on the list will sit in Parliament, the number of elected representatives will depend on the result of the European elections.

  • Manon AubryMEP since 2019,
  • Younous Omarjee, MEP since 2012
  • Marina MeasureMEP since 2022
  • Anthony Smith
  • Leila ChaibiMEP since 2019
  • Arash Saeidi
  • Rima Hassan
  • Damien Carême, MEP since 2019
  • Emma Fourreau
  • Aurélien Le Coq
  • Carine Sandon
  • Daniel Ibanez
  • Séverine Véziès
  • Mohamed Bensaada
  • Muriel Pascal
  • Nordine Raymond
  • Marie Mesmeur
  • Mickaël Idrac
  • Camille Hachez
  • Brahim Ben Ali
  • Myriam Thieulent
  • Berenger Cernon
  • Anne Sanchez
  • Maxime Da Silva
  • Latifa Chay
  • Abdelkader Lahmar
  • Laetitia Rigaudière
  • Kevin Capron
  • Sandra Pereira-Ostanel
  • Maxime Viancin
  • Nadia Aouchiche
  • Reda Belkadi
  • Nahima Lounis
  • Laurent Thérond
  • Anaïs Belouassa Cherifi
  • Aureliano Lopes
  • Lynda Kebbas
  • Virginio Cestaro
  • Cecilia Fonseca
  • Yohann Taillandier
  • Marielle Lemaitre
  • Matthew Barberis
  • Dalale Belhout
  • Maël Brillant
  • Isabelle Chenou
  • Maxime Bergonso
  • Juliette Charlot
  • Kevin Vercin
  • Stéphanie Cauzit
  • Guillaume Lescaut
  • Zohra Briand
  • Jean-Thomas Debe
  • Valerie Robert
  • Brice Allemandou
  • Laura Vallée Hans
  • Mehdi Chtioui
  • Louise Heritier
  • Jean-Marie Brom
  • Valérie Jacq
  • Emilie Fromont
  • Marion Beauvalet
  • Jean-Christophe Turpin
  • Ingrid Viot
  • Allan Popelard
  • Pauline Dumas
  • Grégory Perche
  • Leila Arfoutni
  • Axel Maignan
  • Marion Dais
  • Mohamed Awad
  • Christelle Gobert
  • Albert Levy
  • Florence Claudepierre
  • Xavier Czapla
  • Asma Rharmaoui-Claquin
  • Pierre-Yves Cadalen
  • Filipina Heyman
  • Michel Larive
  • Annabelle Huet
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon, former MEP (2009-2017)
  • Huguette Bello

How many seats for LFI according to the poll results?

A list must obtain at least 5% of the votes in the European elections to see some of its candidates elected. The number of people elected out of the 81 candidates present on the lists of each party is proportional to the result obtained on election day. A minimum of 5% gets 4 seats, 10% gets 8 seats and so on.

The polls on the results of the European elections, published before Friday evening and the end of the official campaign, credited LFI with half a dozen seats in the European Parliament, a level equivalent to the current number of rebellious MEPs. But it should be kept in mind that poll results and projections are only predictions representing voting trends at a given time and cannot be understood as reliable predictions. It is preferable to wait until 8 p.m. and the official results to know the exact number of seats gleaned by La France insoumise in the European Parliament.