how many candidates elected to the European Parliament?

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The Communist Party hopes to send deputies to the European Parliament and believes in its chances. How many PCF candidates could be elected according to the results of the European elections?

The French Communist Party hopes to run for seats in the European Parliament thanks to its results in the European elections, doing better than in the last election. But he will only know if he has achieved his objective after the publication of the first results from Léon Deffontaines expected from 8 p.m. this Sunday June 9.

The party struggled to make itself heard in the European election campaign. But despite these difficulties, the party’s position remained clear and assertive: it refused alliances with the other major left-wing parties which, according to the PCF, are too disconnected on the question of sovereignty and the climate or exploit the Palestinian cause. . Conversely, Fabien Roussel’s party, which aims to be popular and rural, sought its allies in smaller movements. The list led by Léon Deffontaines brings together three other groups: the Republican and Socialist Left (GRS) founded by MEP Emmanuel Maurel, L’Engagement, a movement created by former socialist minister Arnaud Montebourg, and Les Radicaux de Gauche.

As a reminder, the polls published until Friday June 7, the last day before the reserve period, credited the PCF list with between 2 and 3% of voting intentions.

Who is Léon Deffontaines, the head of the PCF list?

Designated in September 2023 on the occasion of Huma Day by Fabien Roussel to lead the 2024 European campaign, Léon Deffontaines quickly became a figure in the PCF. Before being head of the list, this unknown to the general public was the spokesperson for the Communist Party, and before that for Fabien Roussel. The 27-year-old is very proud to represent the party which, according to him, continues to grow.

Originally from Amiens, like a certain Emmanuel Macron, he takes care to point out that he and the Head of State are not from the same world and did not go to the same school. He is a public school child. Unlike his opponents during this June 9 election, Léon Deffontaines does not yet have any significant feats of arms in politics but he got involved very early. At 17, he joined the Lutte Ouvrière party for the municipal elections in Amiens, before moving closer a few years later to the party of his current mentor, Fabien Roussel. During the campaign, the European candidate intended to mark his differences with the other left-wing parties and wanted to bring together as much as possible to create a barrier to the party of the presidential majority and especially to the far right of Jordan Bardella, which mainly targets the same voters from the “peripheral French” and “territory” regions.

What is the list of candidates for the French Communist Party (PCF)?

There list of the PCF and its three allies has been made official by the Ministry of the Interior. The party has unveiled a list of 81 candidates, but how many can be elected to the European Parliament? This will depend on the result obtained by the PCF in the European elections.

  • Léon Deffontaines
  • Sigrid Gérardin
  • Emmanuel Maurel
  • Hélène Bidard
  • André Chassaigne
  • Samia Jaber
  • Fabien Gache
  • Fatima Khallouk
  • Pierre Lacaze
  • Isabelle Amaglio-Térisse
  • Frédéric Boccara
  • Marylène Faure
  • Ary Yee Chong Tchi Kan
  • Héloïse Dhalluin
  • Amar Bellal
  • Sandra Blaise
  • Sylvain Amrate
  • Haby Ka
  • Laurent Sachot
  • Sophie Camard
  • Anthony Gonçalves
  • Manon Ovion
  • Simon Riffault
  • Carine Delahaie
  • Max Louis-Thérèse
  • Katja Krueger
  • Laurent Miermont
  • Amandine Liard
  • Yvan Garcia
  • Véronique Paolantoni
  • William Dumoulin
  • Violet Folgado
  • Sébastien Gautheron
  • Fatiha Mellah
  • Marc Dorel
  • Celine Piot
  • Karim Boukhachba
  • Catherine Treven
  • Serge De Carli
  • Charlyne Bouvet
  • Eddie Jacquemart
  • Sophie Hervé
  • Brahim Jlalji
  • Catherine Collinet Jung
  • Ivan Moran
  • Jeannine Erbland
  • Olivier Morin
  • Florian Marteau
  • Chloe Petat
  • Emmanuel Boutterin
  • Manon Delorme
  • Hervé Rivière
  • Elizabeth Jutel
  • Jean-Marc Durand
  • Aurore Artigues
  • Soulé N’Gaïdé
  • Anne Saouter
  • Marc-Antoine Leroy
  • Edith Pugnet
  • Christopher Lime
  • Brigitte Blanc
  • Taran Marec
  • Camille Petron
  • Lionel Lerogeron
  • Flower Laronze
  • Jean-Michel Guérineau
  • Christine Mequignon
  • Julien De Benito
  • Naima Sayad
  • Christian Brice
  • Irène Perrin Toinin
  • Patrick Malavieille
  • Marie-Claire Cailletaud
  • Pierre Ouzoulias
  • Marianne Margate
  • Manuel Blanco
  • Muriel Ressiguier
  • Diego Ortega
  • Cathy Apourceau-Poly
  • Vincent Guibert
  • Cécile Cukierman
  • Fabien Roussel

How many PCF candidates are eligible for the European elections?

A list must obtain at least 5% of the votes in the European elections to see some of its candidates elected. The number of people elected out of the 81 candidates present on the lists of each party is proportional to the result obtained on election day. A minimum of 5% gets 4 seats, 10% gets 8 seats, etc.

The polls published until June 7, two days before the election, predicted a score of less than 5% for Léon Deffontaines. An estimate which did not allow the party to obtain seats in the projections. It should be kept in mind that poll results and projections are only predictions representing voting trends at a given time and cannot be understood as reliable predictions.