How many books are there as a template?

How many books are there as a template
The Night Agent has become a hit on Netflix in no time. The thriller series is set to get a second season due to its continued success. The Adventures of FBI Agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) and Cyber ​​Specialist Rose (Luciane Buchanan) based on the novel The Night Agent by Matthew Quirk. But is there still a template for new episodes? These are the books by The Night Agent author Matthew Quirk

To answer it directly first: There are no other The Night Agent books by Quirk. The writer has published a total of seven books, but only one about FBI agent Peter Sutherland. Here’s a list of Quirk’s work (via Netflixlife).

  • The 500th (2012) – Quirk’s first book about law student Mike Ford, who gets caught up in a dangerous game with America’s 500 most powerful people
  • The directive (2014) – Mike Ford’s second adventure
  • Cold Barrel Zero (2016) – The first book about John Hayes, a former elite soldier out for revenge
  • Dead Man Switch (2017) – The second book starring John Hayes
  • The Night Agent (2019)
  • Hour of the Assassin (2020) – centers on Secret Service agent Nick Averose.
  • RedWarning (2022) – revolves around CIA agent Sam Hudson
  • Inside Threat – revolves around Secret Service agent Erik Hill and will be released in June 2023
  • For a second season of The Night Agent completely new stories would have to be written. It is not yet clear whether Quirk has made himself available for a script template or whether the work will be taken over by other authors. Since the writer has been writing agent adventures in particular so far, a second Night Agent book may not be too difficult for him. When is The Night Agent Season 2 coming to Netflix?

    Netflix just renewed The Night Agent for a second season. A concrete start date does not yet exist. We calculate at the earliest in Summer 2024 with new episodes, especially since the screenplays have to do completely without templates.

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