How do mouth sores go? What causes mouth sores, how is it treated with natural creams?

Mouth sores are among the conditions that disrupt human psychology. These sores are often seen on the inside of the mouth. However, it is more likely to occur outside. Some wounds may heal in a short time, while others may last longer, or other symptoms may occur with these wounds. Oral hygiene also has a great effect on mouth sores. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to both oral and dental hygiene.

What causes mouth sores?

Mouth sores can be seen on the lips outside the mouth as well as on the inside of the mouth. Wounds on the corners of the lips are often described as herpes. Herpes simplex is caused by a virus called herpes simplex. In addition to the wounds around the lips, there are also wounds in the mouth. These sores can occur on the gums, inside the cheek, inside the lip, or on the floor of the mouth.

The mouth has a soft texture. These wounds are more common on this soft tissue. The issue of what causes intraoral wound is considered as an important issue in this context. Some mouth sores go away on their own within a few days. However, some are both painful and take longer to pass. It is very important to consult a dentist in long-lasting and severe mouth sores. In general, the factors that cause mouth sores are:

  • psychological factors
  • Stress
  • genetics
  • Changes in hormones
  • Lack of oral and dental care
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Structural problems in teeth and gums
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • mineral deficiency
  • immune weakness
  • drug use
  • food allergy
  • viral infections
  • Sensitivity to certain drugs, allergies
  • bacterial infections
  • Braces used in the mouth
  • Consumption of hard foods
  • Dental prostheses used in the mouth
  • Brushing teeth and gums hard in oral care
  • Excessive consumption of hot drinks
  • Sleep disorders
  • Upper respiratory ailments such as flu and cold
  • Accidental biting of tongue or cheek while talking or eating

How do mouth sores go?

Mouth sores are one of the health problems that can be seen at any age, regardless of the young or old. The incidence of mouth sores is very high, especially in children. One of the main reasons for this is the wrong diet. In order for children to grow and develop in a healthy way, they need to consume the right foods. One of the most common mouth sores is canker sores. Aphthae, also called mouth ulcers, can be seen in adults as well as in children.

Vitamin deficiency and malnutrition are important factors in the emergence of these mouth sores. Since aphthae are not contagious, there is no cause for concern. Mouth sores go away on their own in a short time unless there is another underlying health problem. However, these wounds can cause pain and suffering to the person. There are some methods that can be done at home to heal these wounds in a shorter time. Methods that can be used for mouth sores at home:

  • drinking sage tea
  • Gargle with salt water
  • Gargling with carbonated water
  • Applying aloe vera gel to the wound area
  • Consuming chamomile tea
  • Applying clove oil to the wound area
  • Applying coconut oil to the wound area

The methods listed above are beneficial in the healing of mouth sores. However, as with everything, a specialist physician’s opinion should be obtained before applying these methods. It is not recommended to apply such methods without the advice of a physician.

Wounds that develop inside and outside the mouth are usually not dangerous, but pass in a short time. However, in some cases, prolongation of the healing time of these wounds can be observed. It is of great importance to consider persistent and recurrent mouth sores. Mouth sores need to be treated properly. If left untreated, it can spread to other areas and cause the spread of wounds. Common causes of persistent mouth sores are:

  • Behçet’s disease, which directly affects all organs in the human body and causes inflammation of blood vessels
  • Celiac disease caused by an allergy to gluten
  • HIV disease, which is effective in weakening the immune system

Mouth sores are among the symptoms of Behçet’s, celiac and HIV diseases. According to experts, a doctor should be consulted for mouth sores that last longer than three weeks. Mouth sores that do not go away may be a sign of another disease. If another disease is suspected by the doctor in mouth sores, a culture test is performed. According to the results of this culture test, a treatment plan is prepared by the doctor. Consideration of persistent mouth sores is vital. Such sores can be a sign of more serious problems, such as cancer.

How to treat mouth sores with natural creams?

Many different methods are used to relieve mouth sores. One of these methods is medicated and the other is medicated method. Antiviral creams are mostly recommended in medicated methods. Non-drug methods include methods that can be applied at home. Mouth sores are an extremely uncomfortable and painful health problem. Some of these wounds occur in the mouth, while others can occur in the interior.

Mouth sores usually do not need intervention. These sores usually disappear on their own within a few days. To accelerate this process, some natural herbal creams are used. However, although such creams have natural ingredients, it is not recommended to use them without the approval of a doctor. You may be allergic to any ingredient in these creams. Therefore, it is of great importance to consult a physician who is an expert in the field before using any product for mouth sores.