How Do I Share Wi-Fi Password with QR Code?

How Do I Share Wi Fi Password with QR Code
Today, almost every home has an internet connection. The first question of people who come to the house may be the internet password. Usually many users use random letters and numbers because their internet password is hard to crack. As such, most people do not know the Wi-Fi password by heart. Well, without the need to memorize Wi-Fi with QR Code Is it possible to share the password?

You need a few third-party apps to perform this process. Also, to use this feature, Android You must have a device with an operating system.

First you need to know the SSID of your internet connection. SSIDcan be defined as the name of your Wi-Fi network. To find out, you can learn the name of the connection you are connected to from your smartphone. Secondly, you need to know the password type of the internet you are connected to. When you tap on the name you are connected to, a window will open with some details about the network. The encryption type is specified in the Security section. SSID and encryption should be noted as we will need it later.

Later on Google Play over QR Code Generator You have to install the app on your device. When you open the application, you will be able to generate different types of QR codes. At the top to find the type we need text Tap the button that says and select WiFi from the drop-down options. Later on SSID, enter the password information and choose the encryption type and tap the Create button.

QR Code will be generated. QR code in the upper right floppy disk You can save it visually by tapping the button with the icon. In the meantime, the device will ask for permission to access the storage, confirm.

People who ask for your Wi-Fi password will automatically connect to the wireless connection when they scan the QR Code on their smartphones. It will be enough just to press the connect button that appears in front of them.