How do I get to Inazuma?

How to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact? Here you will find a guide on how to get to the next area after Liyue and the individual areas Tatarasuna, Narukami, and unlocks Tsurumi.

Inazuma is an archipelago that can only be reached by traveling a long distance across the sea. Swimming is not an option here.

Instead, you must complete a specific quest to unlock the next area after Liyue. You can read here which quest that is and how you can reach the individual regions of Inazuma.

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This is how you get to Inazuma

To get to Inazuma, you must play your way through the Archon quest. “The Immovable God and Eternal Utopia” Chapter 2, Act 1 then takes you to the archipelago.

Here you must first ask Katheryne for a way to Inazuma and then travel to Beidou’s ship Alcor. After you have talked to her, you will go on a great sea voyage and you will reach Ritou, where you will be welcomed by Thoma.

What are the requirements of the Inazuma Quest? To get to Inazuma, you must be adventure level 30 and have completed the previous Archon quests.

This is how you get to the individual areas of Inazuma

How do I get to Tatarasuna? Tatarasuna is an area in Kannazuka that is sealed off by an Electro Barrier. To remove these, you must accept the Tatara Tales world quest. You first talk to Toranosuke and Miyuki in the Kujou Encampment.

You see Tatarasuna in the middle

You will then be forwarded to Xavier, who will first send you on an exploration tour. Then you destroy the electric walls using cannons as part of the quest.

How to get to Narukami? Narukami is in the top right of the Inazuma Archipelago. If you arrive in Ritou by ship as part of the archon quest, you cannot move freely across the island at first. Because you will be intercepted by soldiers if you want to leave the starting city.

You can see Narukami in the top right corner of the map

In the Escape from Ritou quest line, you must first help Hiiragi Chisato deliver a letter, and you can leave Ritou to do so. Then complete the world quest “Chisato’s Letter” to get permanent travel permission for Inazuma.

How to get to Tsurumi? To get to Tsurumi, you must first complete the world quest “Stormchasers of Seirai” to start the quest chain around the island.

You see the area on your map and can go there by boat. However, the area is shrouded in a mysterious fog at the beginning. This prevents you from moving across the island.

At the bottom of the map is Tsurumi

To clear the fog, you must play the A Very Special Author quest line. You start with Katheryne and then talk to the NPC Sumida. Afterwards, take a boat to Tsurumi.

There you walk through a gate and the fog disappears in front of you, so you can go further into the interior of the island and continue the quest line.

You can find detailed instructions on how to clear the entire fog on Tsurumi Island in this detailed guide:

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