How Do I Add Music to WhatsApp Status?

How Do I Add Music to WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp, one of the most popular social media applications today, has millions of users. also WhatsAppoffers many features to its users. WhatsApp allows you to chat with people in your contact list. WhatsApp users can set their own special status and profile picture. Thus, they can use the application more efficiently while talking to their friends. In particular, many users can even add music to their WhatsApp status.

Every user can make a WhatsApp status that represents himself, reflects his mood or shows his status. You can also add music to your Whatsapp status. However, this feature is not available in the current version of WhatsApp. You must use some apps to use this feature.

Apps to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

Audio Status Makers

You need to download this application to your phone. Then you need to enter the library section and select the music you want to put on the status. It will be ready to add it to the situation after it has done the operations such as finding the music and shortening its duration. You can easily share the music in the situation by choosing the background.

Video Sound Editor

This app is also a very simple app that you can use to add songs to WhatsApp status. Besides that, it also has features to mute your video. A very simple app that is easy to use for beginners.

Add Audio to Video

This application has a simple function that allows you to add music and songs to the videos of your choice. Besides that, the app allows you to trim the WhatsApp status music while editing the video, so you can choose the part of the song you want to be in the video and sync it perfectly with it.

How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status Without App?

This is the simplest way to add music to your WhatsApp status. You can do this without the help of any external editing application. To do this, follow the given steps; Play the music you want in any music app on your phone.

Go to the status option in your WhatsApp app while the music is playing. Now long press the capture button to capture video with music playing in the background. This will add the music playing on your phone to your WhatsApp status video which you can easily share with your friends and family.

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