“How did I do so far?” : for Manu Payet, this film has particular importance

How did I do so far for Manu Payet

In an interview, Manu Payet talks about his relationship with a very specific role in his career, which has a “message just for him”.

There are films that are full of messages that only we are capable of grasping, understanding or even appropriating. And these will not necessarily be the same for all spectators, each having a very different sensitivity and relationship to the works. In an interview with Linternaute, actor Manu Payet also confided that a film from his career had a very special place and was full of “messages just for [lui]”.

And this feature film is Kung Fu Panda ! Manu Payet has voiced the character of Po since the first part, released in cinemas in 2008. The actor played this panda master of kung fu destined to fight great enemies in each of the films of the animated franchise, facing Pierre Arditi, Marc Lavoine or Marie Gillain in French version. It is also possible to recognize his voice in the fourth episode of the saga, which he is quite proud of since he sees his work as a “mission” to make children appreciate VF. “And my pride, almost my loyalty, my loyalty to this character and his adventures, was rewarded because the film is great,” begins the actor in an interview with Linternaute. “I was a little afraid deep down that four was one too many.”

In Kung Fu Panda 4, the protagonist has become the great dragon warrior and is enjoying his life full of adventures. But he must now find his worthy successor and the idea of ​​change is not at all to his liking. When Manu Payet is asked about his relationship with change and the fear it generates for him, the actor totally recognizes himself in Po: “Every time I double a Kung Fu Panda there is a message inside that is just for me. Sometimes I feel like they’re expecting me to need to hear it in order to make the film. It’s awesome !”

In this fourth episode of the franchise Kung Fu Panda, it is moreover the idea of ​​transmission and letting go that particularly speaks to him, he who has been a father for several years. “Once you start to feel it and understand what it is, the good it can do and letting go and being more forgiving with yourself, you ask yourself: ‘how did I do it? without that until then?” So, even adults can learn from animated films! “Afterwards, there are some who not only need to see them, but who need to do them so that it fits well in the head”, laughs Manu Payet. Kung Fu Panda 4 can be seen at the cinema from Wednesday March 27, 2024, ideal for children, but also their parents!