“How can you look at that?”

French-Canadian streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel (2/) is currently the biggest streamer on Twitch. He is known for speaking very quickly and not very clearly. This has now reached completely absurd proportions, because the streamer no longer seems to understand himself.

How did xQc come to this realization? The streamer, who is number 1 worldwide with a watch time of almost 14,700 hours in 30 days (via sullygnome), is in competition with his Swedish Twitch colleague Forsen. The two try to undercut each other in speed runs in the block game Minecraft.

Since Forsen set a new record on March 23, 2023, xQc has launched countless runs to reclaim its title. After a total of 277 hours, he finally managed to beat Forsen’s time on May 7th.

Immediately afterwards, xQc watched the VoD of the run and explained to his viewers what was going through his mind at certain moments. However, he suddenly realized that not even he really understood what he was saying.

Hopefully these German streamers didn’t feel the same way when they heard their voices in a video game for the first time.

Do you recognize these German Twitch streamers by their dubbing voices in video games?

Not even xQc understands the “Juicer”

To what extent does he no longer understand himself? As xQc listens to himself, he suddenly realizes what his chat has been saying for years: he’s actually quite slurred. The streamer is even stumped by what his last I wanted to say about 20 minutes ago.

We have included the corresponding clip and a translation here:

I don’t know what he’s saying. I don’t understand how anyone can sit here and actually watch and listen to this shit.

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What did he actually say? Luckily there are still the fans of the “juicer”, as they call it. They have years of practice listening to him and can translate for him. Several viewers provided their translations on the LivestreamFail subreddit, where the clip was shared.

As it turns out, xQc considered going downstairs again to retrieve thread he may have left there (via Reddit).

Other Reddit users are impressed by the skills of the fans and jokingly wonder where else these talents could be used: Surely someone who understands xQc can also decipher corrupted audio recordings and thus help solve criminal cases (via Reddit).

xQc’s admission that he himself does not understand what he is actually saying is the streamer’s second surprisingly self-reflected statement within a few days. At the end of April he had already admitted that gambling around the clock and eating fast food does not necessarily make you happy:

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