Housing after the outbreak: Many just cry

Housing after the outbreak Many just cry


When the lava once again flows up to Grindavík, Klara Halldórsdóttir’s hope of ever being able to live in her home again fades.

– It’s still so surreal, she says.

Klara Halldórsdóttir was back in Grindavík as late as yesterday to witness what happened to the town. She describes a feeling of unreality before seeing the crooked and broken houses.

– We walked where the lava had flowed forward. And I was home to water flowers that I try to keep alive.

But another outbreak started last night and now she has hardly any hope left of being able to live in her childhood town again.

– I don’t think it will ever be the same again, sadly. I have lived there all my life and will miss it.

Day by day

The small coastal town of Grindavík, with about 3,500 inhabitants, has been largely evacuated for several months as a result of the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. On a few occasions, residents have had to return to look at their homes and collect belongings.

Those who remained in the city have been forced to leave as a result of the ongoing eruption, which is estimated to be the strongest of the four that have hit the area since December.

Klara Halldórsdóttir has been waiting for another eruption to come, but is finding it difficult to take in the situation.

– I take everything day by day, try not to think too much about what will happen. But we will have to find a new place to live.

She describes that many local residents are in despair.

– Many people just cry before they go to sleep, and cannot work. I myself am still in “survival mode”.

No one expected

Despite the risk of a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the recent development of events was nothing Klara Halldórsdóttir could have imagined at all.

When the eruptions started a couple of years ago a little further away from Grindavík, it was the most fascinating, she says.

– At first it was most charming and exciting, it was far enough away that you wouldn’t be afraid. I think no one expected what happened to hit Grindavík.