House Flipper 2 Review Scores and Comments

House Flipper 2 Review Scores and Comments

Released for PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows (PC), and Xbox Series X and S; simulation, indie strategy video game House Flipper 2 received acclaim from gamers. The second production, which is the sequel of the House Flipper series, became a significant success in a short time. to the gamer audience reached. Let’s take a look at the House Flipper 2 review scores and comments together with Mobile readers…

House Flipper 2 Review Scores

The game, which has currently received around 5 thousand reviews on Steam, has also received dozens of comments and evaluations on Metacritic. House Flipper 2 review scores are as follows:

  • GLHF on Sports Illustrated – 90/100
  • SECTOR – 85/100
  • INVEN – 80/100
  • PC Invasion – 80/100
  • TRG – 80/100
  • Hey Poor Player – 70/100
  • PC Games N – 60/100
  • Metacritic House Flipper 2 average scores – 79/100
  • Average player scores – 76/100

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How are House Flipper 2 Reviews?

The evaluations of the reviews about the game were summarized as follows:

Anyone who loved the previous game He will love this game too. Of course, there are no extra big additions, but it is not possible to call it a bad game. It is possible to say that if you do not expect a masterpiece, you can have an enjoyable time.” — GLHF on Sports Illustrated – 90/100

House Flipper 2 Review Scores and Comments

“A product that does not deviate too much from the comfort zone of its predecessor, but brings at least a few innovations and improvements.” sequel. Unfortunately, there is the problem that the unit is quite fragmented in terms of content after all the additions. Despite everything, it is one of the productions that can be played with pleasure.” — SECTOR – 85/100

“House Flipper 2 maintains the positive aspects of its somewhat experimental predecessor while delivering a polished and versatile gaming experience. Although it does not appeal to everyone, it offers a satisfying gaming experience for people with the same preferences. Those who liked the first game Don’t miss it. “Those who will play this genre for the first time can experience the first game and then, if they like it, they can also check out this game.” — INVEN – 80/100

“It features smoother gameplay, a more detailed story mode, and a more interesting art style than the first game. Currently on House Flipper 2 keep players busy for long periods of time There is enough content. However, I have a very hard time accepting the major faults the game currently presents. Over time, House Flipper 2 may turn into one of the best examples of this type of simulation game, but for now, there’s still work to be done. “After a few updates, it could turn into a great game.” — Hey Poor Player – 70/100

So much potential in House Flipper 2 Although, there are also many mistakes that prevent it from achieving greatness. House flipping itself is pretty fun, at least if you don’t bother with the sandbox mode in its current form and prefer to rush through the restrictive story mode missions. Maybe House Flipper 2 should stick to its name and what it does best.” — PC Games N – 60/100