Hot rumor: After Star Wars and Star Trek, JJ Abrams is filming his own Back to the Future

Hot rumor After Star Wars and Star Trek JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams hasn’t made a new film since Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker. That’s a considerably long time considering the filmmaker was in the 2010s could hardly save it from blockbuster offers. Now there is a hot rumor that is making fans of the Hollywood director sit up and take notice.

Abrams is said to be working on a new science fiction film under the Warner Bros. umbrella legendary film series as a model should have: Back to the Future. The rumor goes even further: none other than Dune 2 star Timothée Chalamet is linked to the project.

JJ Abrams has played through Star Wars and Star Trek: Now comes his own version of Back to the Future

But first things first: Where does the rumor even come from? Last week, the project surfaced in a report from Giant Freaking Robot. The site is known for this, very tempting information to possible film projects. But often these rumors turn out to be exactly that: rumors. There’s nothing behind it.

You can watch the trailer for Back to the Future here:

Back to the Future – Trailer (German) HD

What makes things more interesting in the case of Abrams’ new film: The usually reliable scooper Daniel Richtman also shared a post on his Patreon page that revolves around the mysterious project. Important: The film planned by Abrams is about no reboot or remake from Back to the Future.

Instead, the film is described as an homage to the trilogy directed by Robert Zemeckis. This fits with Abrams’ filmography. He already staged one with Super 8 Declaration of love to sci-fi cinema by Steven Spielberg. The story of his new film will revolve around a young man who travels through time.

Back to the future à la JJ Abrams: The rumor should be viewed with caution, but it definitely sounds plausible

Is the rumor true or not? World of Reel has reached out to Warner Bros. representatives. An official confirmation but it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, it is very plausible that a similar project is being developed at Warner behind closed doors. Not least because of the Chalamet connection.

Warner Bros.

Timothée Chalamet in Dune

Chalamet headlined two of Warner’s biggest hits in recent months. In addition to Dune: Part Two, this includes the fantasy musical Wonka. As Variety reported in March 2024, Chalamet has one Deal with Warner signed that he would develop, produce and appear as an actor in further films with the studio.

Warner has high hopes for Chalamet as a Hollywood star that people to the cinema in the next decade. What better way to expand that status than to pair him with one of the blockbuster directors par excellence? And that too in a film that pays tribute to one of the most popular films ever.

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