“Hot Ones” show: what effect does chilli have on the brain?

Hot Ones show what effect does chilli have on the

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    Arnaud Cocaul (Medical nutritionist)

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    January 15, 2023

    Every Tuesday evening, comedian Kyan Khojandi presents “Hot Ones”, a new show that offers spicy interviews. What does it consist of and how does the chilli affect the guests? Explanations.

    Lena Situations, Jonathan Cohens, Jamel Debbouze… Many of them have experienced the show “Hot Ones”, a show by Studio Bagel – adapted from the already cult American show – where a personality indulges by eating more and more food. more spicy. More precisely, with each question posed by comedian Kyan Khojandi, the potency of the sauce increases… until it reaches one million on the Scoville scale (scale for measuring the strength of peppers).

    Spicy interviews

    At the microphone of Europe 1, Kyan Khojandi explains the interest of pepper in these funny interviews.

    Chilli, it heats up, it can cause pain in the tongue, but it is bearable pain. The human body is actually very well made because once you have pain, the brain sends out endorphins. It’s the drug we have after sport, the drug of relaxation”, explains the actor. “So we are a little relaxed, drunk. And this is where the concept is very strong, because we manage to bring the guests into a kind of relaxation where they are not used to being and to start to indulge themselves.“, continues the comedian.

    At first glance, few candidates seem to appreciate the sensation of pain provided by the sauces.

    Nevertheless, it is clear that laughter – and confessions – are there over the episodes.

    From a scientific point of view, this state comparable, for some, to a slight intoxication would be explained by a reaction of the brain: it would respond to pain by secreting endorphin, an analgesic related to morphine.

    Then follows a feeling of well-being, of euphoria, comparable to that felt during the practice of extreme sports or a roller coaster ride.

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    A pain-relieving effect

    Effects painkillersconfirmed by Dr Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist.

    At pain assessment and treatment centers, doctors apply chili pepper painkiller patches to patients’ skin. These create temporary analgesia.

    But chilli also has other surprising benefits.

    It is also a natural appetite suppressant and a reputed anti-microbial. In addition, it promotes thermogenesis, that is, the production of heat within the body“, says the expert.