Horror Master delivers his best film in over 20 years

1674714072 Horror Master delivers his best film in over 20 years

Dario Argento has unquestionably earned his place in film history. The horror of Suspiria, Profondo Rosso and Terror in the Opera is unmatched for many genre fans. Nevertheless, hardly anything has been heard from the master in recent years. The reason for this: an extremely disappointing late work.

With weak horror contributions like Giallo and Dario Argento’s Dracula, Argento has almost catapulted itself into insignificance. However, last year he proved that he’s a director by no means at the end of his strength arrived and inspired at the Berlinale with the eerie Dark Glasses – Blinde Angst.

Now on Amazon Prime: Horror master Dario Argento is back with Dark Glasses

The story begins in the summery streets of Rome. Nobody suspects anything bad, but then jumps in Serial killers from the shadows and strangles a prostitute with a cello string. It should not remain the only murder with this murder weapon. Soon Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli) is also on his list.

You can watch the trailer for Dark Glasses here:

Dark Glasses – Trailer (German) HD

Diana narrowly escapes death at the hands of the killer, but has to pay the price pay with their eyesight. Up to this point Argento has been moving in familiar waters, but now things are getting really exciting: Dark Glasses is not only a best-of of his horror work, but also an unexpectedly sensitive film.

Argento weaves the unnerving horror – including surviving in a body of water full of deadly snakes – with the everyday challenges Diana must overcome. In addition, the relationship affects, which she builds up to the orphan boy Chin (Xinyu Zhang). The two are united in their loneliness.

Another thing that makes Dark Glasses worth seeing is the atmosphere. Rome’s streets are deserted due to a solar eclipse. Everything feels like one disturbing daydream from which there is no awakening. Nobody here believes that a serial killer is on the move with a cello string.

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