Honor takes an important step forward for its own chip designs

Honor takes an important step forward for its own chip

one of the largest technology companies based in China honorhas taken an important step for their chip designs.

Born as a sub-brand of Huawei, after the US embargo against Huawei, it was sold to another company and continued on its way. honor, Today it emerged launched a new subsidiary dedicated to chip design as far as. This China-based organization or subsection, which will also work in some other areas such as artificial intelligence, will be specifically “Shanghai Honor Intelligent Technology Development Co.,Ltd.” and started its journey with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Of course, this department, which will be constantly supported financially, It can help Honor develop important chips (such as Camera, charger, etc.) for use in its phones.Thanks to this department, the company will one day it can even start placing it on their phones using its own mobile processor. This important development also draws attention as it came just after OPPO left the field. For those who missed it, OPPO’s self-developed camera NPU on its high-end smartphones on sale MariSilicon X and audio-oriented with Bluetooth connectivity MariSilicon Y chips are used. The company, which spent huge R&D on creating MariSilicon chips, made a very surprising statement last week. announced that they put the end to the process. An explanation to Android Authority making company, “Due to the global economic situation and uncertainties in the smartphone industry, OPPO had to make difficult adjustments to its long-term development plans. Therefore, the decision was made to cease Zheku’s activities.” said.


In summary, the company, which closed the chip design department, Xiaomi and drone manufacturer DJI It mobilized Chinese giants such as Because the two giants are working to include experienced engineers working in OPPO’s Zheku unit. Who brought up this issue today? Xiaomi president Lu Weibing It was the statement made at the financial meeting held for the first quarter of 2023. Weibing regrets the shutdown of OPPO’s processor/chip manufacturing side brought. The President also said that Xiaomi’s determination to invest in the space is therefore unwavering and that the company will continue to invest in the market. With this meeting, it was also announced that Xiaomi has reached 600 million MIUI users globally.

There are also other China-based phone manufacturers working on its own processor. In this respect BBK via brother in vivo It is heard that the company has been working since 2020. Even the company “Vivo Chip” And “Vivo SoC” as well as trademark registrations. Specific to mobile processor Xiaomi There are also some works on the side. In the mobile world, it is among the names that have produced its own mobile processor and used it on their phones. Apple, Google, Samsung And Huawei (Work stopped after the embargo) is located. In the entire market, it is still MediaTek And QualcommIt is dominated by processors from .