Holidays in Bled: return to Algeria

Holidays in Bled return to Algeria

With this new series of reports, RFI takes you to meet families of foreign origin who return to their country for vacation time. Saint-Ouen, north of Paris, has a large North African community. It’s time for preparations before leaving for Algeria, and for Nouredine, there’s no question of returning empty-handed.

A few days before his departure for Algiers, Nouredine surveys the Saint-Ouen market. He is looking for last minute gifts to spoil his family. ” The purchases, I have already made them. But there, if I find something that interests me for the parents, brothers, sisters, aunts… Just to take a few gifts with you. »

This 56-year-old father has taken it in advance. It must be said that he had time to prepare for this return to the country. It has been more than two years since he crossed the Mediterranean with his wife and three children. The borders are finally reopened. Nothing or almost nothing prevents from spending the summer again in the country of origin, for the diaspora.

It’s a deliverance, we can find our own. country, family “. Nouredine is far from the only customer in this bustling market packing his bags before joining his family abroad. Yaya and her colleague run a stand selling clothes and accessories.

During this period, there are a lot of customers, like every year. But there are even more. Families can go to the country. Customers take everything: small gifts, make-up, clothes, but also toys for the kids! »

Nouredine never intended to return empty-handed, even though the budget is particularly tight this year. He and his family are among the lucky ones who found a ticket to Algiers and were able to afford it. But exceptionally, the trip will not be by plane.

This is the first time I have come back by boat. One way, it’s worth between 400 and 450 euros. There’s the train, food costs, maybe the hotel. These are fees that are added to the ticket. There are few offers and many requests, so the prices increase. There are even some who have not found places observes Nouredine.

One last pair of sandals and Nouredine’s shopping is over. We just have to hope that everything fits in the bags. To limit expenses, the family will have to make do this summer with 30 kg of luggage per person.