Historical adventure series sounds like Squid Game with Samurai

Historical adventure series sounds like Squid Game with Samurai

While Disney+ is celebrating success with the new Shogun adaptation, Netflix isn’t hanging around for long and will have one soon very similar knitted Japanese format on offer. However, this almost goes in the thriller and horror direction.

At the same time, the samurai adventure is reminiscent of Squid Game, by far the most successful Netflix series, the second season of which is scheduled to go online this year.
Bloody samurai adventure with battle royale rules

The series announced by Netflix is ​​the Japanese production Last Samurai Standing. It is based on the novel Ikusagami by author Shogo Imamura, which has already received a manga adaptation.

Last Samurai Standing is set in historical Japan in the late 19th century during the Meiji period. Be at Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto 292 homeless samurai lured into a deadly trap with prize money of 100 billion yen (the equivalent of over 600 million euros). Like in Battle Royale or Squid Game, they have to fight for the prize money until only one of them is left.

Video about the crazy Netflix comedy with Chicken Nugget character:

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Who stars in Netflix’s Squid Game Samurai series?

Actor Jun’ichi Okada, also known as a former boy band member and choreographer, will play the lead role. His series character is called Shujiro Saga and joins the deadly games for only one reason: He wants to save his wife and daughter.

Director Michito Fuji (The Journalist) is planning an ambitious series with a large cast:

We create one unique world with an ensemble cast. We feel responsible for delivering something that has never been done before. I am excited about the opportunity to create a work for Japan and the world with this great story, cast and performances. Fallout podcast: How good is the Amazon series really?

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