His next film will be a sci-fi blockbuster that turns the world upside down

His next film will be a sci fi blockbuster that turns

Two years ago, Will Smith’s Oscar slap went around the world. After that, it was unclear whether the actor would recover from the scandal. However, the box office figures of 218 million US dollars worldwide for Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die after two weeks speak volumes about his comeback and he has now landed the next sci-fi role.

Will Smith defies gravity in new sci-fi film

Aside from Will Smith’s punishment in the form of his 10-year ban from the Academy Awards, the big question remained until the end whether the actor’s career would recover from the blow despite his apology. His first film after that, the slave drama Emancipation, was rather unpopular with audiences and critics, but the blockbuster sequel Bad Boys 4 became a potential career savior. After the success of the action sequel, Variety is now reporting on his newly boosted acting future – in Sci-Fi Movie Resistor.


Will Smith in Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Just like Bad Boys 4, Resistor is produced by Sony Pictures. The sci-fi film is an adaptation of the book Influx * by author Daniel Suarez, which was published in German under the title Control *. In it, physicist Jon Grady (Will Smith) discovers a revolutionary technology with which he can cancel the Earth’s gravity Instead of receiving praise for his invention that changes everything, he is soon visited by the secret organization of the Bureau of Technology Control, which wants to protect humanity from discoveries that it is supposedly not yet ready for. Grady, however, has no intention of being locked up and silenced.

When is Will Smith’s new sci-fi project Resistor coming out?

The science fiction genre is not new territory for Will Smith. After all, the actor already enjoyed success with the Men in Black trilogy and explored the future in films such as I, Robot, Gemini Man, I Am Legend and After Earth. Resistor takes the Independence Day star back to familiar territory.


Will Smith with lightning thing in Men in Black 3

Without a franchise connection, the sci-fi film will be a new test for Will Smith: He has to prove whether the audience will go to the cinema just for him and forget the previous scandal (flashing thing?). With a release of Resistor we can 2025 at the earliest calculate.

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