Hilton will design astronaut living spaces for Starlab

Hilton will design astronaut living spaces for Starlab

One of the world’s largest hotel and tourism companies Hilton, An introduction to an interesting study through the Starlab space station doing.

International Space Station (ISS), If nothing changes, he will retire by 2030. However, after this situation, the USA will not leave the low earth orbit completely. Private space stations will replace the ISS. There are many different companies working on this issue right now. Among them Voyager, Nanoracks and Lockheed Martin three of them are included. this trio “Starlab” a called private space station is developing and 2027′at the beginning of to low earth orbit wants to place.

In this the private space station, where four different astronauts will constantly be located. development process, Hilton company announced that it will be included. As transmitted Hilton, will design the living spaces of the astronauts at the station, which will offer an incredible view to its guests.

Hilton, has great experience in creating living spaces through hotels. However, the company does not have any work or experience in the space field. In this respect, the company is preparing to enter a really interesting process for itself, believes that they will offer a unique perspective for astronauts to be comfortable in the space environment.


Of course, behind this breakthrough of the company space tourism is also included. For now, permanent tourist accommodation in space is almost impossible. However, this situation will most likely change completely in the next 10 years. In the not-too-distant future, space tourism will not be an ultra, but an experience that can be reached by the normal rich.

This experience and “tourist astronauts” Space stations and capsules with luxury living spaces will appear. In this context Hilton, With Starlab’s breakthrough, it can be ahead of many of its competitors in space accommodation.