High-end Intel processors experience problems in Unreal Engine games

14th Generation Intel processors take their place in the market

High-end Intel processors are experiencing problems in many Unreal Engine games these days. The company is aware of this problem states.

High-end 13th and 14th Generation Core i9 Intel processors that offer very high performance (13900K / 14900K), Fortnite and many more for a while now Unreal Engine It causes serious crash problems in the production produced using the game engine. Intel made an official statement on this issue and stated that they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. It does not yet give a clear date for the solution because it needs third party companies to take steps in the process.. It is stated that the only solution to this problem is to manually slow down the speed of the mentioned high-end Intel processors or run them at low voltage. It is reported that this situation manifests itself especially when the frequency exceeds 5 GHz. Of course, throttling performance as a solution is not ideal, but at least there are many people who can prevent the crash problem this way.


The company before this Nvidia developed by DLSS And AMD developed by F.S.R. like Intel XeSS for version 1.3 It was announced. It is one of the technologies that processes low resolution in games and increases it with artificial intelligence, thus contributing greatly to performance. Intel XeSS, With the new artificial intelligence model introduced in version 1.3, it further increases both quality and frame rates. The version, which is reported to support more than 100 games, lowers the fps values ​​in some games with its new version, as you can see in the table above. It can pull from 71 to 91. Focusing specifically on the company’s “Arc” series of external graphics cards, the technology is still not as good as DLSS, but Intel continues to actively work on and update it.