Hideo Kojima’s horror game leaked, it’s filmed hard

Hideo Kojimas horror game leaked its filmed hard

Hideo Kojima has still not formalized Overdose but the noose seems to be tightening around what is announced as his future horror game. Indeed, the famous video on which Tom Henderson had got his hands a few hours from the Summer Game Fest 2022 last June has just leaked, and the content corresponds in all respects to the description made by the insider. Indeed, we can see the actress Margaret Qualley (who plays Mama in Death Stranding) dressed in a blue dress and wander in a dark place using a flashlight, all in the 3rd person.

The sequence ends on a kind of jumpscare with the message “Game Over“. And just after, the mention “A Hideo Kojima Game… Overdose“. Note that at the bottom left of the screen, a camera is pointed at the player who is holding the controller, no doubt to film the slightest of her reactions. Given the many rumors circulating about the upcoming projects of Kojima Productions, it is necessary to sort it out. For the moment, we do not know for which game Hideo Kojima has offered the services of Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutsuna. Death Stranding 2? Maybe.

There is also the game developed for the exclusive account of Microsoft and which relies on cloud technology. There too, nothing has filtered, but if we trust the recent confidences of the boss of Kojima Productions to The Guardian, and if it is indeed this game to which he was referring, we must obviously expect something revolutionary. And finally, there is Overdose, which no one has yet formally identified as an Xbox exclusive. In short, we will have to be patient before we can see more clearly. Perhaps The Game Awards 2022 – which will take place on December 8 – will be the occasion to witness an announcement, host Geoff Keighley being a good friend of Hideo Kojima.