Hezbollah was caught by surprise, Israeli soldiers were surprised at what happened! Those words of Nasrallah that shook the world came to mind.

Hezbollah was caught by surprise Israeli soldiers were surprised at

While it is awaited with great curiosity whether Hezbollah will join the Hamas-Israel war, Nasrallah appeared in front of the cameras on Friday for the first time since October 7, when Hamas launched the Aqsa Flood operation. Nasrallah, whose speech was broadcast live all over the world, stated that they joined the war on October 8, and talked about the conflicts between Israel and Lebanon with the words “The Aqsa Flood operation spread to more than one front.”


Following the speech of Nasrallah, who stated that they would work to ensure Hamas wins, Hezbollah announced in its last written statement that operations were carried out in response to the killing of civilians. In the statement, it was stated that Israeli soldiers gathered in a house in a Jewish settlement in the north of Israel were targeted and that the operation was successful.



On the other hand, according to the Lebanese news agency NNA, the Israeli army hit Lebbune and the border areas with 155-millimeter bullets and explosions during the attacks were heard from the city of Sur.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli army hit some areas in the south of Lebanon, including al-Vezzani, Tayr Hafra, al-Cebin and Shema.

Additionally, the Israeli Army Spokesperson stated in his statement that some military infrastructures belonging to Hezbollah in Lebanese territory were hit by warplanes.


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