He’s a rugby star and he manages several McDonald’s

Hes a rugby star and he manages several McDonalds

A legend of French rugby, he is now a recognized business leader.

Top sportsman and Mc Donald’s. Let’s be honest, it’s not necessarily the association we think of directly. Over the years, the food ingested by athletes has become an essential element in their success. Athletes, like Novak Djokovic, have pulled out all the stops by adapting their diet to perform, such as the absence of gluten for the Serb, record holder for Grand Slam victories and considered one of the greatest of all time.

In rugby, food hygiene is perhaps a little less scrupulously followed and the dogma is undoubtedly shaken. The Racing 92 players, after their defeat against ASM on the afternoon of Saturday December 2, made the largest order in the history of the Clermont Ferrand McDonald’s, with a total bill of €1007.50. 70 cheeseburgers, 50 Big Macs, 50 boxes of nuggets (per 9) and 20 hamburgers… The fast food boss did not hide his joy over the day’s figure.

This very steep addition could have pleased a former rugby player, star of the XV of France. This is Vincent Clerc. The former Stade Toulousain winger has in fact become the owner of McDonalds. The one who is also a consultant on the France Télévisions channels during the 6 Nations Tournament and the French team’s matches in general, has been the owner of a franchise of the famous American channel since 2021.

“It’s a very thoughtful decision, I work with the McDonald’s company through the Maison des parents, which I have sponsored for 16 years. 2 and a half years ago, I made my decision. The process is long, there is a real selection at Mc Donald’s, and no privileges”, he explained for La Dépêche. To achieve this, the former French XV winger had to complete 15 months of training, working in all positions, from teammate to manager, and “broke the bank” to buy this franchise. “I invested my savings from my rugby career, it’s a real commitment. I’m a little stressed, but very excited about this new adventure. I’m lucky to be put in the best possible position, and well surrounded to succeed.”

After a few years of activity, this first franchise is a success and Vincent Clerc has decided to invest in a new franchise near Place Saint-Pierre, in Toulouse, with the inauguration on Tuesday December 26, 2023 of a new McDonald’s establishment. A different formula because this establishment did not exist and it was created from start to finish by the former international. “I like the management and the human side of this experience,” he confided in comments relayed by Actu Toulouse.