Here’s when a move will cost you the least

Heres when a move will cost you the least

The summer season is conducive to moving. Parents also favor this period so that everything is in place before the start of the school year in September. But it is not the most advantageous. Here are the best dates of the year.

Like many French people, are you planning to move? Although the summer period is the most popular (from June to September), it is not necessarily the most financially advantageous. However, it is during the summer that families most often decide to change houses or apartments. Indeed, the children can be looked after with grandpa and grandma, on vacation, and the weather is favorable. But moving in the summer allows everything to be installed before the beginning of September, for the start of the school year, so as not to disturb the little ones who will be able to familiarize themselves with their new home before discovering their new school. Faced with the high demand for moves during the summer, prices can sometimes increase by almost half.

Like summer, other periods of the year should be avoided if you don’t want to spend too much on moving your boxes. Indeed, the end of the month generally corresponds to rental lease terminations: we therefore avoid calling on movers between the 28th of the month and the 2nd of the following month. The end of the year should also be banned, particularly between December 15 and the first week of January. And the holidays are not the only ones responsible for this price increase: housing tax plays a determining role in the intention to move at this time, because depending on the place of residence, it may be lower elsewhere. More logically, school holidays are also more expensive, since they are particularly in demand by families.

So, when to move inexpensively? For the low season, choose the months of March to May as well as the period from October to March (excluding school holidays and the end of the year). Demand is less strong, prices lower. You will also have a better chance of saving on your move if you choose to organize it at the start of the week rather than on weekends.

Finally, don’t forget to compare prices and quotes before you start. Also check with your company to find out if you can benefit from days off due to your move, according to your collective agreement. State aid is also granted to help you cover moving costs, particularly if you have three or more children, or depending on your situation.